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Our mission is to support people around the world to be more active and reach their fitness and health goals. We are constantly recording new home workout videos for every age and skill level. Find a selection below and visit our YouTube channel for all our videos.

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Full body intense strength workout

New Way of Recording Workout Videos with a GoPro Karma Drone and a HERO6 for Fantastic Views. This advanced bodyweight workout is an excellent way to motivate yourself to do strength training. Enjoy beautiful ocean views while you are working out hard and getting stronger. Perfect home workout!

Great Deep Core Workout

Workout Videos
Couch Potato to Fit 365 I Week 27 – Nutrition Coaching
September 18, 2019

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of nutrition coaching. Why and how nutrition coaching can boost your daily life and health? Read more on…Read more

Workout Videos
Couch Potato to Fit 365 I Week 26 – Metabolism
August 28, 2019

How our metabolism is working, and how can we influence its activity? What is the best way to keep our basal metabolic rate active?
Aging doesn’t have to…Read more

Workout Videos
Couch​ Potato to Fit 365 I Week 25 – Ideal Body Weight After Summertime
August 25, 2019

Autumn is slowly arriving, and for many of us, it feels like the only thing remembered about the summer besides the tanning lines are a few extra…Read more

Workout Videos
Couch Potato to Fit 365 I Week 24 – Top Kettlebell Exercises
August 19, 2019

Even short sessions with a kettlebell is an excellent way to start strengthening your body. I often get asked what the best kettlebell strength exercises are. Well,…Read more