Regardless of your diet and fitness program, the scale number looks the same from the week after another. Sounds Familiar? You may feel a great sense of frustration and lack of motivation, and you are ready to try anything that could give you a short cut to happiness? Please read my following tips on why I am not losing weight, and get back in the game! Stop yo yo-dieting and get lasting weight loss results!

woman eating an apple
The struggle with weight loss can be frustrating

Reality check-up

We often talk about weight loss with my clients. And to be honest, trying to lose weight and fail at it is very frustrating. First of all, gaining weight can happen to all of us. Life circumstances are not always perfect. Sometimes and often weight gain happens unnoticed.

So first, let's do a reality check-up. How important a priority is it really, for you to lose weight and how much are you willing to do to achieve the goal? Often, if motivation or prioritization is not important enough, the result is also in line with that. First, ask yourself if you really want to lose weight, and is it indispensable to you.

It is also good to think in an advance what is a realistic goal for weight loss? What time frame is sensible? If gaining much weight during the past years, what was the main reason? By mapping out a life situation, we often find out what caused weight gain and what life habits we can fix to get lasting results and changes.


scale and measuring tape for weight loss goals
Scale and measuring tape use can be frustrating if no results are obtained

Investigation on why I am not losing weight

Second, it is time to start to investigate more closely the weight gain. Last winter I gained a few pounds. And even all the sports that I'm doing, the cruel fact is that if I eat more calories than I consumed, I gain weight. No excuses, I'm no superhuman. More like almost 40 years old lady whose metabolism slowly slows down.

In spring when I noticed my summer clothes were too tight, I started to track down my nutrition and found out that I could make subtle improvements to my diet. During the winter months, I was in a strict vegan diet and was too careless about protein intake. I also decided to add an extra amount of cardio to my fitness routines, continuing my regular strength workouts.

Nothing overly dramatic but small changes to which had, in the end, significant impacts. And just over a month or two, the excess belly fat that was bothering me was gone, and the positive side effect was also my well-being and energy levels increased significantly.

man holding an iphone - why am I not losing weight
Downloading a nutrition tracking application is beneficial

Often when we are thinking we are doing everything right, we still have much room for improvement. Also, I often find that patience is the first thing that is usually lacking what comes to weight loss. The results should show up immediately.

But I think if we are willing to learn and understand more about our bodies and nutrition, it will be easier for us to do things right. Thus, stay more motivated, understand the overall picture of weight loss, and get more sustainable results.

My 3 tips for lasting results

1. Cut of the circle

Now it's time to say goodbye to crash diets. Forever. No matter how tempting a new trendy diet sounds recommended by a neighbor or a juice fasting praised by a co-worker, stay strong! By favoring crash diets, unnoticed, over time, you might create a circle in which muscle mass is burned instead of fat, and your metabolic rate is slowing down, making weight loss even more challenging. Even impossible. You might also struggle with a lack of energy. Be sensible this time; if you feel it is too difficult to start a lifestyle change alone, don't hesitate to seek professional support.

2. Track your nutrition

Tracking your nutrition is vital! My favorite app is My fitness pal. ( Free download ) Suppose you are honest with yourself and follow all your foods and drinks for a week - I can tell you; you are a much wiser person, and you learn so much about your habits. Also, the app gives you guidelines about macros, (For example, how many carbohydrates, protein, and fat should you eat per day.) which is very helpful. Of course, it takes a little effort to track your foods, but it will be worth it. It will be easier to fix things when you see where do you have room for improvement.

Woman holding pink dumbbells
Strength training is vital
3. Strenght workout and protein intake

Now you might think, but what about cardio exercising? Cardio workouts burn many calories. Yes, cardio workouts are needed, especially for our cardiovascular health system. But what comes to weight loss - strength training can be a game-changer. Creating muscle mass, the same time we boost our metabolic rate. Which means our body burns automatically every day more calories. And that is what I call a win-win situation! Also, ensuring necessary protein intake will help to protect muscle mass during weight loss and also suppress appetite.

I would also like to emphasize, don't forget to ask for help if you feel like you are struggling alone and not getting any results. Getting a meal plan is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle or taking a nutrition coach session. When doing things correctly, you save time and money plus get wanted permanent results!

We can do this x Teija

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