I have great news for all you Paleo Diet lovers! We just added a new diet to our meal plans. 7-days Sugar-Free Paleo Diet Meal Plan. And the reason why we want to offer this diet plan is that so many products have hidden sugar and artificial sweeteners. Even so-called "healthy paleo products."

eggs, vegetables and avocados for sugar-free paleo diet

Stress-free grocery

I prefer my food to be free of gluten, dairy, and grain. I also try to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners. Lately, I've noticed that purchasing certain products, gives me a headache. And therefore when grocery shopping, I must be extra diligent about what I put into my shopping basket. Which is not only irritating but also time-consuming.

That's is also a reason why I wanted to create a sugar-free paleo diet meal plan — making me and your everyday life easier.

banana against the pink background - sugar free paleo diet - couch potato to fit - week eight

Clean Sugar-Free Paleo Diet

It is the dream of all of us to eat clean. Eat natural food. I do not know anyone who would love to eat purposely and regularly unhealthy food.

Nowadays it's just sometimes a challenge to eat healthy and fresh food - if not at least grow your food. Okay, a little exaggeration, but you get my point. Therefore, I honestly think that meal plans are great guidance to help us out.

different kind of nuts in a small bowls are great snack ideas for sugar-free paleo diet

Guidance to help you out

I don't believe in any crash diets. The only way is to change your lifestyle permanently. And meal plans are a great way to guide you through this process. They also help me if I need new cooking ideas to cook.

I often get stuck cooking the same recipes all over again. That is one of the reasons why I love meal plans. I get variation! Plus I don't have to think for the whole week what to cook. And I love to have a ready-made shopping list.

Delicious healthy food

Go and check the new 7-Day Sugar-Free Paleo Diet Custom Meal Plan. Honestly, it is amazing! The paleo diet is free from sweeteners, plus it is of course also dairy, grain, soy, and legume free.

And if the sugar-free paleo diet and the whole paleo concept is new for you, don't worry all the foods are actually tasting delicious. You don't miss the sugar kick as the diet is sweetened naturally by colorful fruits and vegetables.