When we face a major weight loss challenge, we often think life would be better and happier if we were just skinnier. Yes, well-being is sure to improve as the pounds are dropping, and when it comes to health, things look much better. But when we talk about weight loss, especially when it comes to massive overweight, we think too little of the reasons that have led to that situation.

What is the weight gain history, and are there specific factors/behaviors that led to overweight and even accelerated it? Have there been recurring patterns that have led to an increase in overweight? Or failed attempts to change your lifestyle for the better?

It is worth doing self-examination and thinking about the reasons behind weight gain. When you find out why your weight has increased and why you need to lose weight, it will be much easier for you to stay motivated.

woman wiping sweat at the gym

Accepting the current situation

Even if your goal is to lose 50 pounds, the first step is to accept the current situation and your body. And accepting the situation doesn't really mean you're not ready to work hard to achieve your goals.

The fact is that your body will still be the same, even after weight loss. Of course, except for the fewer pounds. So don't hate your body now; instead, you should learn to accept your body and stay positive. With optimistic thinking, self-love, and respect, you will achieve 110% better results than blaming and belittling yourself and your body.

Woman writing goals 2021 on a paper

Visual exercising is a secret tool for the weight-loss challenge

Visual exercising is a great and functional way when it comes to weight loss as well. If I have a goal, I start visualizing it. I wonder about exact details and how I feel when I have achieved my goal. I also write my plans and goals on paper, but mostly I go through my vision in my mind. Repetitively. I'm often starting to take my first steps toward my aim without even realizing it, and eventually achieving my visualized goals. Achieving my goal comes as no surprise as I've been already working on it for a long time in my mind. 

Of course, this does not mean that dreaming alone leads to weight loss, but visual training is a great way to clarify your own goals. And thereby helps and courage you take concrete steps forward. 

It is good to remember that weight loss is often not a guarantee of happiness. And weight loss should not be the pursuit of happiness. Usually, when we lose a certain amount of weight, there is a feeling of success but also, a feeling of emptiness. As weight loss maybe did not bring the missing sense of happiness we had longed for our lives.

Therefore I recommend paying particular attention to mental aspects. When we also pay attention to self-examination and our mental well-being, it also helps not only weight loss but also managing the weight in the future.

We can do this! X Teija