Another day I thought I would certainly be a much more anxious person without my "me time" with my Asics. Tho trouble getting started sports activities becomes slightly more challenging as our daily life is currently a bit chaotic. We are building a house at the moment, and the daily schedule is far from regular. So what forces me to jog in the cold and dark when I feel tired and stressed out?

I just read that already three times a week; a 30-minute run works as effectively as Sertral's antidepressant - no wonder, thanks to running, I feel like I'm slightly more tolerable and maybe even a better person at times.

Whatever the form of exercise, the result is usually an elevated mood. I don't remember ever hearing anyone say or regret going for a run or a gym.

October morning

Trouble getting started - mind games

I am a master of playing mind games with myself. I often play the same game - I trick myself into putting running clothes on by assuring that you won't have to run if you don't want to or are too tired, especially in the mornings. As long as you manage to go out from the door now, everything turns out for good, I assure myself. And my scam usually works. When I get out, I realize that idea of running is not so terrible.

For me, obviously, reverse psychology works excellent! I continue to further by choosing a route from which I can no longer ( make no sense ) turn back. And again tomorrow, the same scam continues.

All's well, that ends well

Getting started is not always easy. But I find my free time not enjoyable as if I skip my workouts. My mood is fierce and restless. That feeling when you go to bed in the evening, you can think with satisfaction how good your day was: no better feeling like that! And don't get me wrong, I don’t mean that a day couldn't also be good without exercising but how exercise can boost well-being when done correctly.

Do you sometimes have motivation troubles to get started? And what are your ways to motivate yourself?

We can do this X Teija

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