I am so enthusiastic to tell you about an incredible application we fell in love with over 2,5 years ago when we started to build our online fitness coaching programs. I am now talking about a tool that has allowed us to change the quality of life for many people worldwide. The name of this application is Trainerize.

How do we use the latest technology in our online training while maintaining personal contact and uniqueness online? Read further!

What is Trainerize?

Trainerize is a software developed for personal trainers. But what we love most about Trainerize is that it enables us to brand the application into our own vision.

Each of us is an individual, and trainer really allows uniqueness. And that's why we find it essential that Trainerize allows us to serve each of our clients individually.

It is also vital to us that we can import our home fitness videos to the application. This is all possible at Trainerize, and it has its exercise library—hundreds of professional technique videos and tools. Therefore, we can create and deliver high-quality custom workouts to our clients.

Trainerize enables real communication

It is vital to us that we can be in touch with our clients daily. In Trainerize, we are not just monitoring our clients. But we also see and get notified when they check in their workouts and give us feedback. And one of the most crucial features that I would like to emphasize is the chatting possibility. Trainerize enables chatting with your coach at any time. In the end, it is all about communication.

We have noticed and learned that there are many great fitness apps out there. But usually, if there is no "real coach" behind the scenes, it may take some weeks, and then the motivation is going down. Precisely the time when you would need encouragement and support. Plus, sometimes you need to adjust your training program, so it's essential to communicate with a real professional coach.

2FitnessLovers Coach Teija chatting in Trainerize with her clients in France St. Tropez

How does it work in practice?

Most of our clients are subscribed to our online personal training program. Also, over half of our customers take weekly live (Skype, e.g.) personal training lessons. So, all our clients are in our 2FitnessLovers / Trainerize app. They get their weekly training plan & workout videos/plans delivered to their calendar. We watch the workouts done as planned and give feedback.

We are a team with our clients to improve their health and well-being. And not forgetting the importance of joy in exercising.

My goal as a coach is to keep you in progress and maintain motivation. Most importantly, exercising should become a natural part of our clients' lives.

If I can motivate one more person to find joy in exercising, whether it be through one or another channel, then I feel successful! :)

We can do this X Teija