Often when talking about weight loss, we concentrate on the practical side of things like how many calories we should eat and how much sports we should do. And for sure, it is essential that the diet is working and that the number of calories is proportional to the daily consumption to lose weight successfully. However, I would like to highlight the mental side of weight loss. If we would pay more attention to the mental and emotional side, we would also get guaranteed lasting results in weight loss. How to succeed in weight loss, read my helpful tips!

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"Where focus goes, energy flows" - Tony Robbins

On Monday, everything is different?

Many of us decide on Sunday to start a new diet. And sure, things are looking bright on Monday. But a new healthy life has already been forgotten by the end of the week. And this same circle may happen every week.

I just chatted with my friend, and she stated that a person is only ready for real change if the motivation is high enough. I started to really wonder about this sentence.

How to succeed in weight loss - Motivation

It might remain a dream to lose a few pounds accumulated over the years because motivation is not high enough for many people. Excess pounds still don't hurt health, and even the clothes can still somehow fit on top.
Maybe, in this case, I'd even talk about "Monday dieters." You may want to lose weight but not be willing to change your lifestyle permanently.

But then when talking about a group of people whose overweight led to a real health risk. However, I wonder if just a lack of motivation is the only reason why lifestyle renovation often doesn't work out. I believe that reasons such as lack of knowledge and mental well-being may contribute to project failure and decline.

Also, people often try to change their lives too much in too short a time. Studies often found that it is difficult to change many things permanently at once. And when one of the many changes fails, there will be a feeling of failure, and the whole process will feel frustrating. Self-esteem and mood are put to the test.

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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" - Aristotle

Self-examination helps to find real motivation

It's worth sitting down and thinking before you start a weight loss project, how vital the success of the project is to you? What were the reasons that led to the current situation? How balanced is your life at the moment? Are you ready for a holistic change?

I believe that self-examination will help you find real motivation. It is also good to write down your motives and reasons on paper. If you ever make up your mind to go back to the old days, it's good to dig out the piece of paper to remind yourself why you have embarked on a project.

We can do this! x Teija


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