Our long-term routine is a Sunday hike. And yes, it is also possible, if you live in the middle of the big city. No need to drive hours away in a car or train. Therefore I would love to introduce you our lovely Sunday hike in Vienna. Wherever you are located, I hope this will inspire you to get more active!

I love to do high-intense sport, but I also love to do hikes and long walks in nature. Hiking is not only good for your basic stamina but also good for your mind. For me, it is also one way to practice meditation. Hereby I find it a great recovery activity for both, mind and body.

winter wineyards are part of our route in sunday hike in Vienna
January Wineries in Vienna

Our routine Sunday hike in Vienna

Karl is often reminding me I should look more around and enjoy the view of nature. And not always just try to go fast and stare at my shoe tips. Lately, I'm also trying to use my phone less and just be more present. And already the idea of presence helps me to be more aware. As walking further and further, my mind also settles and calms down.

Thus sometimes it is, of course, difficult as the handy is also my working tool. Plus of course the camera is in handy, my fitness app is also there. And sometimes need to use the map even though I have a living one besides me. As I'm usually following Karl. If I would wander alone, I would probably have a google map sound guide on. Otherwise, they would have to come to look for me with the rescue helicopter in the evening. A sense of direction does not belong to my strengths.

2FitnessLovers hiking doing Sunday hike in Vienna
Me & Karl enjoy hiking

Fresh air is medicine for us

Here in Vienna, it is winter time. At the moment the weather is pretty unfriendly. Snowy, grey and icy wind. My motivation for outdoor sports is not always top. But we have a dog that forces us to go out no matter what is the weather. And honestly, every time afterward we feel like newborns.

Nella Sunday hiking in Vienna
Our dog Nella enjoys snow

Fact is just that regular walks in nature empower you. All you need is just the right clothing for it. Walking with wet shoes easily ruins the whole fun. I would say that the right shoes are one of the most important parts of the hike. And remember also that growling stomach is not a nice travel partner if you are planning a long route. Therefore remember to eat enough before starting the activity.

Teija Storbacka doing Sunday hike in Vienna
Me wandering around in Nussdorf Vienna

Would you like to join our Sunday hike in Vienna? Just let us know, 2FitnessLovers would love to show you around the stunning Vienna.

I wish you great outdoor moments, X Teija