Online Training Video Class

An Online Training Video Class lasts 60min, and Teija trains together with you live during the whole training session. It doesn't matter where you live. You can do it right from your home, garden, park, gym, and hotel or even at the office. All you need is a PC, iPad, iPhone or any other Android mobile phone with internet connection (excluding Windows phones). After purchasing Online Training Video Class, you will receive a fitness check-up form. When Teija receives your form back, she will fix an appointment for your live online training. Teija will tailor the online workout to your goals, and she can always adapt the speed and difficulty of any exercise during your live training class.


Video Class training is the perfect way to make sure you don't skip your training if the motivation is just not there to do it alone. Teija´s clients are usually improving better and have more fun when she has direct contact and can see, coach, correct and motivate live. If you like to receive weekly custom tailored training and workout plans, a nutrition plan, ongoing motivation and personal feedback, then check out our Online Personal Training Offers as well.

Teija trains with you, makes sure you get in shape, stay on track and have fun as well!

Picture of a computer and iPhone to use for Online Training Video Class