Online personal trainer and personal training program for weight loss is the right choice if you want to lose weight, get fitter, or if you have been hitting a weight-loss plateau. We know how frustrating it can be. And therefore we want to help you to boost your results.

Our variating training plans, combined with customized meal plans, give you the results you desire—step by step. The truth is that there is no shortcut to weight loss and getting fitter; it requires work and sweating. But your fitness journey can also be inspiring, fun, and motivational! We will work as a team and check together how we could improve your current activity status and nutrition habits. When there is a will, there's a way!

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Your situation

You want to lose weight and improve your lifestyle? We think the key to succeeding in weight loss and weight management is to build slowly new healthier habits.

A change in lifestyle, of course, starts with your own decision. But sometimes we need extra motivation, encouragement, and professional knowledge to get us started and pushed forward. That is why we want to help you out!

We are giving you the tools for a lasting lifestyle change, and we will set nutrition & exercise goals together. That is the reason why our online nutrition coaching weight loss program is lasting three months long. Say no to crash diets and get permanent results with us.

An online personal trainer is a game-changer

A healthy lifestyle helps you achieve a more youthful and stronger body. Exercising will also start to give you pleasure, and after a certain period, you will not only notice changes in your body, but also your mind will pick up, and your energy level will increase.

For us, a healthy lifestyle means that you will feel great inside out!

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How your online personal trainer can help

If your diet includes too few calories day after day, most likely, you end up destroying your muscle mass. Plus, if the food also happens to contain very little protein, the result will only deteriorate. 

Many people think the only way to lose weight is to reduce their calories to a minimum. As a result, usually, the energy level drops, which means the physical activity decreases. Which, in turn, leads to burning even fewer calories. In the long run, this tactic often wears off—both for our bodies and our mind. 

Instead, if you combine an exercise program with a healthy nutrition-rich diet, you burn fat without destroying muscle mass and preferably getting a bit more of the muscle mass to accelerate your metabolism.

So look to the future, don't waste your time anymore with unhealthy diets. Do things right this time and get a lasting result!

Online personal training program for weight loss includes

Three months program includes:

  • 30-Minute check-in call with Teija (Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime) to:
    • assess your current situation
    • discuss your training scope and time availability
    • check if you want to use any equipment (like dumbbells, kettlebells, fitness-band, gym-stick, etc.) and
    • define your individual fitness and health goals
  • 21-day custom meal plan including healthy, delicious recipes with food pictures & a grocery list
    • suggestions on how to improve your diet
    • adjustments to your diet plan as needed
    • ongoing guidance and motivation
    • personal support from your online nutrition coach
  • A personal 30-Minute call with Teija to review your progress, answer any questions and custom your online personal training program

Plus in addition:

  • Personal fitness- and health check-up using our proven forms
  • Your own, custom-tailored training & workout plan for three months
  • Daily habit coaching and tracker you to achieve bigger health and fitness goal
  • Access to 250+ exercise videos showing and explaining proper form and execution
  • Access to our full workout videos - train your whole body without equipment in our 5 to 50-Minute workout programs (+50 videos and growing monthly, all recorded by ourselves outdoors in a pleasant atmosphere)
  • Personalized training app - includes your training & workout plan, exercise videos, our full workout video programs, body stats, nutrition information, etc.
  • Your workout calendar - dashboard with your detailed training schedule
  • Easy tracking of your training-, workout-, and cardio sessions
  • Body stats and the possibility to quickly take your body pictures and view your transformation
  • View exercise stats, workout progress, and personal reminders
  • Nutrition tracking - connect your MyFitnessPal account to our app, get your diet values and automatically merge them into your online personal training app or
  • Share your meal photos with your coach and stay accountable for your nutrition goals
  • Frequent, highly flexible adjustments of your custom online personal training plan to your needs
  • Email and in-app chat support with your online personal trainer
  • Ongoing feedback, motivation, and tips

$399 | 3-Months

Get your weight-loss online personal training program

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Three months duration

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Online Personal Training for Weight Loss

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