Our online personal training program senior fitness is focusing on improving the fitness and overall health of seniors. Our goal is that regardless of age, everyone should exercise according to their own needs and capabilities. And gain excellent experience of exercise. However, unfortunately, it is often hard to find suitable customized programs for +65 years old adults, so therefore we want to help out. See how our online personal training for seniors can help you!

Confident mature woman showing off her bicep gained with following senior fitness program

Senior fitness - your situation

  • Are you + 65 years old and gained weight over the past years
  • Would you like to get stronger and gain more muscles
  • Is your goal to strengthen your core muscles
  • Would you like to get more active and improve your physical condition
  • Would you like to improve your diet and lifestyle

Don't worry; it's never too late to start and improve your lifestyle and activity. Did you know that lean muscle mass naturally decreases when we get older? However, the good news is that even a few months of regular strength training increases the muscular strength of older adults by 10-30%. Also, other significant benefits are the improvement of bone health and muscle mass.

As we age, our bodies need a lot more care. With the proper nutrition, supplements, and strength training, we can help slow down the wear and tear of bones and muscles. Resistance training may be beneficial for people with arthritis and also help increase bone density - conditions like osteoporosis. Therefore, adding more muscle mass is a great way to improve your health plus prevent injuries.

Reach your health goals with our online program

As certified personal trainers, we know what kind of physical challenges aging can bring. For us, we must take your wishes and the ability to move into account in planning your workouts. That is why our senior online personal training program emphasizes individuality, clarity, and interaction.

Our workout programs are also a safe form of exercising. It's crucial that you can perform movements in a controlled and calm manner with the proper technique. Also, we think that exercising must be encouraging and entertaining!

Fitness senior couple smiling happily after exercising in gym with their custom online senior personal training program

How online personal trainer can help you?

A professional custom-made exercise program for you is the best way to ensure the pursuit of continuous exercise. Of course, not forgetting to have fun! Getting more active and maintaining muscle strength is essential for seniors to cope with daily chores and improve their quality of life. And additionally, strength training is an excellent choice for your health. Therefore our customized professional senior online training program is a perfect choice for the elders.

Our quality recommendations for online senior fitness:

  • User orientation
  • Accessibility
  • Individuality
  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Ethicality

What online personal training for seniors includes?

One month program includes:

  • 1 x 60-Minute monthly live online personal training class:
    • 1:1 live online fitness training and workout session via Skype or FaceTime
    • explaining and showing each exercise and movement for the proper execution
    • coaching on exercise technique and how to use your fitness equipment correctly
    • adaption to your speed, skills, and physical abilities, and of course
    • a lot of ongoing motivation and fun throughout the online live training session
  • 40-Minute check-in call with Teija (Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime) to:
    • assess your current situation
    • discuss your training scope and time availability
    • check if you want to use any equipment (like dumbbells, kettlebells, fitness-band, gym-stick, etc.) and
    • define your individual fitness and health goals
  • 7-day custom meal plans each month including healthy, delicious recipes with food pictures & a grocery list
    • suggestions on how to improve your diet
    • adjustments to your diet plan as needed
    • ongoing guidance and motivation
    • personal support from your online nutrition coach
  • A personal 30-Minute call with Teija each month to review your progress, answer any questions and custom your online personal training program

Plus in addition:

  • Personal fitness- and health check-up using our proven forms
  • Personalized training & workout plan for the whole month ( customized to your fitness level )
  • Our fitness app includes your training plan, exercise videos, complete workout video programs, body stats, nutrition information, etc.
  • Daily habit coaching and tracker you to achieve bigger health and fitness goal
  • Access to 250+ exercise videos showing and explaining proper form and execution
  • Access to our full workout videos to train your whole body with or without equipment in 5 to 50-Minute workout programs (+50 videos and growing monthly, all recorded by ourselves in a pleasant atmosphere)
  • Your workout calendar dashboard with your detailed training schedule
  • Easy tracking of your training-, workout-, and cardio sessions
  • Exercise stats, workout progress, and personal reminders
  • Frequent, highly flexible adjustments of your custom senior online personal training program
  • Email and in-app chat support with your senior online personal trainer
  • Nutrition tracking - connect your MyFitnessPal account to our app, get your diet values and automatically merge them into your online personal training app or
  • Share your meal photos with your coach and stay accountable for your nutrition goals
  • Ongoing feedback, motivation, and tips

$299 | 1-Month

Start now your senior fitness online training program

Subscribe senior online personal training program at $299 for the first month. Your program renews each month at $299 automatically until cancelation. You can cancel anytime with a minimum contract duration of one month. After purchasing the program, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Online Personal Training for Senior Fitness