Live online personal training with online personal trainer Teija

A live online personal training session lasts 30 or 60-minutes, and online personal trainer Teija will exercise together live with you. The home workout was never before this motivating and fun! It doesn't matter where you live and you can do it right from your home, garden, park, gym, hotel or even at the office. And all you need is a PC, iPad, iPhone, Android or any other device. Or mobile phone with an internet connection.

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Home workout motivation in real-time

Live online personal training is a great way to make sure you don't skip your training if your motivation is just not there to do it alone. Your online personal coach Teija trains with you and makes sure you get in shape, stay on track and have fun as well.

How live online personal training works

After purchasing a live online personal training class, you will receive a fitness check-up form. When online personal trainer Teija receives your form back, she will fix an appointment for your live online training. Consequently, online fitness coach Teija will customize the class to your fitness and health goals. And together we can adapt the speed and difficulty of any exercise during the online live training class.

Live online personal training includes

One workout with online fitness coach Teija includes:

  • 1 x 30 or 60-Minute live online workout via Skype or FaceTime
  • Each live online personal training is with online personal trainer Teija directly
  • Explaining and showing each exercise and movement
  • Coaching on proper exercise technique and how to use your fitness equipment correctly (if you want to use any)
  • Adjustment to your speed, skills, and physical abilities
  • Feedback, tips, lots of motivation, and fun throughout the live online personal training session

$50 | 1 x 30-Minutes

$90 | 1 x 60-Minutes

Get your live online personal training

Buy live online personal training sessions now. No contract duration. No cancelation required. Your purchased sessions are valid within a one-year period. After your purchase, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Choose sessions and duration:

Opportunity to chat with Teija before start

We also understand that working with an online personal trainer is a unique situation. The chemistry must meet with the coach, which is why we offer the opportunity to have a 15-minute chat with Teija before deciding on purchasing any live session. You can both get to know each other and determine if you want to start cooperating. Contact us and book your chat with Teija.

How frequently does live online personal training make sense

Many clients are doing online training live classes once or twice per week. We suggest to have our first live class together and can discuss then all further possibilities. Contact Teija anytime if you have questions or need a consultation. Get motivated to your fun home workout!

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