What is online personal training?

Working out online with a trainer works nearly the same way as training with a local personal trainer only it's even more convenient. It's not only an online personal trainer but a concept that helps you reach your fitness and health goals and keeps your motivation up. Also, it is for people who love working out at home, who are busy or travel a lot or don't like going to gyms.

Online personal training with certified personal trainer Teija

Whatever your goal is, it's easier to reach when you have a plan. Teija designs personal training programs that make sense and are doable. She fully customizes them to your individual needs and goals. And it doesn't matter where you live and you don't need a gym membership either. Working out at home is a great option to get fit!

Personal Trainer Teija will coach and motivate you on your way to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. She will drive you to be more active and start to enjoy exercising. So, if you want to get fit, consider a professional, who designs your training program, knows how to make you start, keep you going, and makes you go the extra mile.

Good reasons for online training

  • You want to look and feel better
  • You are dreaming of a fitter and healthier body
  • Are you trying to get in shape after pregnancy or for your wedding
  • Your fitness training isn't sufficient enough
  • You are trying various diets, but nothing seems to work
  • You prefer working out at home or outdoors instead of going to the gym

Then our customized online program is just what you need.

woman doing personal training class and working out at home

How online personal training works?

Step 1: Select your personal training program and get to know Teija.

After selecting your personal training program, Teija will send you a fitness & health check-up using our fitness app. Because this way she gets to know your general fitness & health history and learn about your individual needs and goals.

Furthermore, Personal trainer Teija needs this information for your check-in call and to plan your first weekly workouts. And for her, getting to know you personally is essential as she wants to get the best out of you.

Step 2: Teija creates a custom training program.

For online personal training, we use our 2FitnessLovers fitness app. Within there, you will receive your weekly training, workout and nutrition plans, full workout videos, etc., straight to your (i)Phone, iPad, Android, PC, or any other device. Also, the communication is secure. You can contact Teija anytime. Consequently, she can follow your training progress and give you constant feedback.

Finally, download our training app, sign in, and you are all set up.

Step 3: Start your online training plan and let Teija guide you.

Now, when you are signed in, add your information and check if your weekly training program is ready for you. Also, look around and get to know our fitness app. Besides, you can also connect other Apps like MyFitnessPal for nutrition information, Fitbit, Facebook, and Withings to your profile.

Never hesitate to contact Teija if you have any questions. Hence, you are ready to go and reach your fitness and health goals. And Teija will coach, motivate, and support you on your fitness journey.

Get and stay in shape - Personal trainer Teija coaches you.

Proven online personal training programs

Personal trainer Teija fully customizes each online personal training program to your needs and goals. Check our training and nutrition coaching programs and get in touch with Teija anytime.

Main programs

Training and personal coaching are the foundation and you can add nutrition coaching and live workouts to your program.

Start fitness and nutrition coaching

More online personal training programs

Special programs

Online program Personal training seniors

Online program Personal training women +50

Full flexibility within all training programs

You can flexible up- or downgrade your online personal training program or cancel your subscription monthly. Many clients have a full year personal training program in place and some take a month per year off during vacation.