I can’t believe, that it is already the middle of February 2017. The last year was inspiring for me, but also more busy than usual. In summer 2015, I felt that to best support my clients, I had to educate myself further. I decided to study Nutrition Coaching and become a specialist in Sports & Fitness Nutrition Coaching.

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Online Nutrition Coaching - Updating my Knowledge

I already had my basic nutrition education and my 16 years experience in Personal Training but somehow felt, that I had to update my nutrition knowledge. I decided to kick my butt and study the following year hard beside my work.

I already had my basic nutrition education and my 16 years experience in Personal Training but somehow felt, that I had to update my nutrition knowledge. I decided to kick my butt and study the following year hard beside my work.

Now, I am thrilled that I did so, even though it was sometimes pretty tough. I learned a lot of new information and got a good feeling of being rechallenged.

Working many years in the areas of Sport, Nutrition & Health, I have seen many trends and diets coming and going. Funnily the truth, which people often don´t want to hear, when it comes to training and nutrition is, that there is no magic. You have to work for it and change your lifestyle slowly and for good, if you want to have permanent results.

Step by Step

Sounds lame and not very exciting but there is hardly ever a quick solution that won’t backfire on you. Knowledge can and will help you to do things right, and therefore save plenty of time and money. Also one of the many reasons, why I created my Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Offerings.

Helping and serving people´s individual needs around the world. Coaching individuals who are aiming for a permanent lifestyle change and giving the necessary guidance they might need on the way to reaching their goals.

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My Goal is Helping to Reach Your Goals

My goal is to coach my clients to eat and feel better. To enjoy doing sports and exercising while also eating nutrient-rich and dense food. I want my clients to have enough energy. I want my clients to feel good in their body. Be healthy. Live a long, good and happy life. Be active. Sleep well. In the end, life is all about being in the balance.

Whatever the reasons might be, that you are currently struggling with your nutrition, I can and will help you! In case you just need support and motivation to reach your fitness goals, I'm here to help you as well.

Be Well! Teija

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