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Is your goal to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass or do you want to burn calories more efficiently? Then strength training is the right answer. When you increase your muscle mass, you boost your resting metabolism as well.

Strength training is the key to your overall health & fitness

The benefits of strength training are endless. One of the great benefits is the improvement of bone health and muscle mass. Lean muscle mass naturally decreases when we get older. As we age, our bodies need a lot more care. The good news is that with the right nutrition, supplements and strength training we can help to slow down the process of wear and tear of bones and muscle. Strength training also helps to prevent disease. It's extremely effective for arthritis, and helps menopausal women increase their bone density. Simply put, it may help prevent injuries.

Optimizing your nutrition is as important as your training. Strength training also makes you feel great and it might give your body that extra boost it is looking for. With nutrition check-up, Teija will support you to optimize your nutrition and reaching your strength training goals. 

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Online nutrition coaching Body Strength includes:

  • Assessment of your current nutrition
  • Clear suggestions how to improve your diet
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Tips & motivation
  • Email contact and support

Online nutrition coaching Body Strength package is 120 USD | 100 EUR | 90 GBP

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