Proteins are an essential part of our nutrition, and our bodies can't function without them. Proteins play many important roles in the human body. Protein is providing structure and strength to cells and tissues. Our metabolism is regulated by proteins, as are hormones and the various activities they control.

Did you know that proteins are part in our every cell, tissue and organ? Protein also helps us grow, helps our immune defense system and make up collagen, the connective tissue that gives our body its shape.

Amino acids

What are amino acids then? Proteins are amino acids, tangled chain of amino acids with peptide bond forming between. These shapes of proteins are varying, which enable them to perform different duties in the body. 

Protein intake

Nowadays it's "trendy" to eat lots of protein. If you go to a shop and it almost seems that no matter what product you pick, there is little text saying "extra protein added" on the side. It's good to remember to have a balance here as well; a good ratio is key! If you are physically active, then keep your protein intake at 30% of your daily calories and 20-25% if your activity level is rather low. If you are confused about different kind of protein powders, you can read our blog about Proteins, which will help you to survive in the jungle out there.