Are you wondering how to get toned and fit? And whether your goal is to get fit, this time you want to do things right and professionally. Therefore no more frustration and struggling alone, let us help you out! Now it is time to do things efficiently. Check how our nutrition coaching program can bring you to the next level!

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 Optimizing your nutrition is the key

Nutrition is undoubtedly the most crucial thing that comes to fat burning. Therefore you can exercise how much you want with excellent exercise programs. But when your diet is not working, the result is unwanted.

So how to get fit and toned? The first thing to do is optimizing your nutrition. And thus, our job is to give you the right tools and support.

Teija will support you in optimizing your diet and get a toned body.

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How to get fit and toned - How does our nutrition coaching program work?

The first thing we are going to do is reviewing and analyzing your current diet and lifestyle. After that, when we have a clear picture of your habits, we will tailor you with the right kind of diet. You will get clear instructions, tips, and support.

Also, you will get, of course, a customized diet plan. And we will help you and motivate you all the way long. No more doubting how to get toned and fit!

Your body is your most priceless possession. Let's take care of it!

How to get toned - Teija´s online nutrition coaching program

One month program includes:

  • 30-Minute Check-in call (Skype, FaceTime or regular phone call) with Teija
  • Assessment of your current diet including 3-day food & nutrition tracking
  • Nutrition coach Teija tailors a meal plan fully to your needs and goals including:
    • Grocery list to know what to buy and how much, giving you complete control over the meal planning process
    • Detailed meals and foods to know what to eat, when to eat and learn right portion sizes
    • Easy, healthy recipes for the meals
    • High-quality food pictures
    • Nutritional values
    • Meal prep guide
  • Clear suggestions on how to improve your diet
  • Frequent, highly flexible adjustments in your online nutrition coaching program and custom meal plan
  • Tips & motivation
  • Phone & Email contact and support
  • A personal 30-minute call with Teija each month to review your progress, answer any questions, adapt your online nutrition coaching program, and customize your meal plan

Start your online nutrition coaching program body toning

Subscribe body toning online nutrition coaching program at $120 for the first month. Your program renews each month at $120 automatically until cancelation. You can cancel anytime with a minimum contract duration of one month.

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