Online Nutrition Coaching

Teija has been working in the field of

sports, health, and nutrition

already since more than 12 years. 


Over the past years and due to her

professional experience with

many clients all over the world,

Teija created an efficient way to

check-up and analyze

your actual nutrition and

start with you a great,

clean and healthy life diet


Actually, it´s not a diet, but a

healthy lifestyle, that you can

follow and lose weight or

gain muscles with ease. 


A healthy diet shouldn´t be about

strict limitations, aiming to be

unrealistically thin or prohibiting

yourself of the foods you love. 


It´s about feeling great,

having more energy,

improving your look, and

stabilising your mood. 


Healthy nutrition is a lifestyle that

you can follow the rest of your life

with great joy and pleasure. 


Permanently changing your lifestyle

can deliver great results as weight loss,

muscle increase, more energy,

happiness and a nicely shaped body.


As your 

Online Nutrition Coach 

Teija will guide and coach you

on your exciting new

nutrition journey!

How Online Nutrition Coaching works

Teija´s way as

Online Nutrition Coach

is to check your current diet and

work together with you to

improve it for good.

For whatever reasons you are

struggling with your nutrition habits,

checking it up and analyzing will

help Teija and you to

optimize and improve your daily diet.

There is no need to struggle alone;

let Teija help and support you to 

improve your well-being.

Healthy blue grapes for good nutrition