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Do you have extra pounds that you would like to get rid of? What is the most sensible, persistent way to lose weight? Check our 5 tips on how to succeed in weight loss and change your lifestyle permanently.

1. A wholesome nutrition plays a key role

Nutrition plays a big role in weight loss. Therefore, you don't want the deficiencies of nutrients due to too low-calorie diet. A healthy, versatile diet supports your weight loss, hormone, and thyroid function. A reasonably high amount of protein protects the muscles from energy deficiency. That is why the best way is to reduce carbs and fats in the diet instead of protein. Choosing a protein-rich diet is a top choice. Remember that protein is a muscle building material.

Your lifestyle is already healthy but you don't lose weight? Simply put, you are not losing weight if you eat more than you consume or even the same. Have you tracked down your nutrition? And marked up every extra snack? I highly recommend to try a week nutrition tracking app, my favorite is MyFitnessPal.

Often the simple truth is just that we eat too much without noticing. If we pay more attention to consumption and calorific value, weight loss is quite certain to be guaranteed.

Of course, it's good to remember that we are not robots. We are all individuals and sometimes our bodies respond differently than we anticipate. In that case, it is important to be patient, If you do things right, the results will surely show with time. Do not give up, even though the scale is jammed in the same numbers.

two toast, the other bread is covered with berries and the other one with egg - lose weight healthy way

2. Lose weight without crash diets

Did you know that sensible weight loss is about 1 pound per week? It is good to keep in mind that, how much you can lose and how much it makes sense to lose weight per week are two completely different things.

Usually, the sooner the pounds are dropping, the faster they will come back. Do you want to change your lifestyle permanently? Or try some unhealthy diet where calories are minimal. Which leads to results, that you just lose fluid and muscles mass. When the diet is over, the pounds sneak back faster you can imagine. And the worst thing is there is only fat on the lost muscle, which makes losing weight even more difficult in the future.

athletic woman on the beach aiming to get stronger but not to lose weight

3. Be active

Daily activity is important, not just because of weight loss but also for your health. Do you know how many steps you take each day? Go for 10,000. Set a clear target. And track your steps down. Get moving! Everyday activity has a huge impact on aiming to lose weight. Also, start to exercise regularly. Keep a nice balance between cardio and weight training. Keep in mind, that growing your muscles, your body's total energy consumption is also increasing. Simple, your rest metabolic burns more calories when your body has more muscles than fat. If you don't know how to exercise correct, hire an online personal trainer who motivates, helps and keeps you going.

woman standing on the scale and wondering if she should choose an apple or donut to support her weightloss

4. Holistic well-being

As I mentioned above, we human beings are far from robots. Each of us is an individual and unique. Therefore I believe in the overall well-being of the body, without forgetting about mental well-being.

When you are tired and exhausted, it is easy to skip exercise. Thus lust for sweet and junk food is nearly the same as in a hangover! When you pay attention to your sleeping and stress management, your hormonal activity is balanced and your well-being improves comprehensively.

It is also good to remember a positive mindset. Do you often notice that excessive weight is tracking you down? Your own body image depresses you? And that is the reason you feel gloomy, which might lead you to reward yourself with food. There are times when you don't want to care about weight loss. With these moments, think about why you really want to lose weight? What is your reason? Health reasons? You want to feel and look better?

Whatever reason is that you want to lose weight, just remember that if you are not happy and satisfied with yourself and your life now, weight loss will not guarantee it. Often self-esteem and appreciation for yourself will not improve with lost pounds. Therefore start to appreciate yourself and your body NOW, today.

you are enough note - mental well being important part when you want to lose weight

5. You are not alone

If you have the feeling that you are doing the same mistakes all over again, why not consider getting professional support? You don't have to struggle alone. Hiring an online nutrition coach or getting a custom meal plan is worth every penny. Knowledge is power. You learn to know your own body and get help when you need it. Knowing that you are doing things correctly, will motivate and help you to reach your goals. Do not underestimate the supporting network!


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