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We recently added a new custom diet plan to our selection. I was wondering for a long time whether I wanted a keto diet plan in our range because I had mixed feelings about this specific diet. I was wondering is the keto diet safe? And what about keto diet without dairy? And how effectively can a keto diet boost weight loss?

I researched the topic for a long time and came to see that the keto diet can be beneficial to us when it's done correctly. Well, like any other diet.

Beautiful brunette eating a cupcake and wondering is a keto diet safe? How about keto diet without dairy?

Dairy-free and the fiber-rich keto diet

I know that many people struggle with monotonous keto diets and want more variation. Therefore the question arises: is monotonic keto diet safe for us? Many keto diets are packed with dairy products. Also, often keto diets are missing fiber. Therefore gut health may suffer.

For us, it was essential to draw attention to gut health in this diet. Fiber increases your gut well-being, and a varied nutrition-rich diet contributes to health. We want to offer a keto diet that is dairy-free and contains enough fiber - of course, following the principles of a keto diet.

Is a keto diet safe?

What are the benefits and disadvantages of a keto diet? Keto diet is a popular diet to promote especially weight loss. The diet's high-fat content increases the feeling of satiety.

Usually, the most important source of energy for the body is glucose, which is made up of carbohydrates. When the diet does not contain glucose, the body starts burning ketones from fat. Keto substances are energy for the brain and muscles. This stage is called ketosis.

burn fat words on a blue plate - is a keto diet safe? What about keto diet without dairy?

Properly implemented, a keto diet can promote our health in many different ways. However, the problem with a ketogenic diet can be that it is challenging to maintain the diet for an extended period in everyday life.


It is good to remember that we are all individuals. Our bodies may react differently to specific diets. It is essential to eat nutritious food, no matter what diet is concerned. So a keto diet, if implemented wisely, can, therefore, be beneficial and promote your health. Check our dairy free and fibre-rich 7-Day Ketogenic Custom Meal Plan and get started!


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