Let´s talk about snacking. And about the scenario when unhealthy snacking has become a habit, you would like to get rid of it. Don´t get me wrong; snacking is generally desirable. Healthy snacking between meals keeps your blood sugar balanced and prevents you from binge eating later. But if snacking gets out of hand, it´s time to do a reality check. Grab my helpful tips for better nutrition!

    how to stop unhealthy snacking

    Do not store anything you do not want to eat

    If you keep delicacies at home, they are always available. The decision to eat healthily is difficult amid goodies. When you have a weak moment and craving for sugar, the danger of falling into a delicacy is serious when they are at hand.

    It´s time to get started and reduce unhealthy snacking! Clean your kitchen cabinets. Remove all the junk food and treats and replace them with healthy alternatives. Out of sight and out of mind saying goes well with this. Healthy options such as fruit, fresh berries, dark chocolate, and even healthy biscuits made by yourself are better options if the snacking scene strikes. Use your imagination and create an inspiring atmosphere in your kitchen!

    Of course, it is difficult to make all the changes if your family or partner carries unhealthy goodies home. Therefore, it's time to talk with your family members. Tell them that you have decided to start changing your eating habits for the better. Tell them about your wish to stick together in this. Get into a team spirit! Healthy eating habits are suitable for everyone. By setting a good example yourself, you also inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Woman holding cranola, bananas and strawberry and cocos yoghurt in a bowl - unhealthy snacking

    Healthy treats stop unhealthy snacking

    As I mentioned above, you must surround yourself with healthy alternatives. Slip into your purse an apple or, for example, a protein bar. Keep a bag of nuts and a bottle of water in your car. Make sure you always have healthy options available when your blood sugar levels fall and you feel hungry.

    Of course, the most important thing is regular meal rhythm. Do you eat three balanced meals a day? It would be best if you did not replace your meals with snacks. The purpose of snacks is to prevent excess blood sugar levels and suppress the feeling of hunger between meals, thereby leveling out the eating rhythm in a holistic way.

    Evening snacking 

    Is it familiar to you that morning starts with a healthy breakfast? Also, lunch and afternoon, you got it! You are eating clean and feeling great! But when the evening comes, disaster strikes. Eating is getting out of control. You want to reward yourself after a hard day with a variety of food and snacks. And you end up eating way too much. What's helps?

    First of all, eat a decent dinner. When you eat pure, clean food, the desire to snack decreases as your stomach feels full. If you still have sugar cravings after dinner, wait first for 10 minutes. After a short break, maybe you notice the desire for sweets is gone. But if you still have sugar cravings, eat a piece of dark chocolate or prepare some other healthy dessert.

    The important thing is not to deny yourself anything. Think you want to give your body only the best - clean and nutritious food. Eat well, and don´t be discouraged if you get distracted sometimes to snack on something unhealthy. Guilt often leads to a feeling of loss of control. Therefore, it is easy to give a permit to continue unhealthy snacking and eating junk endlessly.

    Keep your mind positive and think you are on the road to permanent change. You will permanently improve your eating habits and quality of life one small step at a time!

    We can do this! X Teija


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