Long-awaited summer is finally here. And for many of us, it means a more relaxing lifestyle! Also, during the summertime, it is maybe hard to keep up the motivation high with sports or healthy eating. Temptations to eat unhealthily and skip the workouts seem more likely due to more irregular lifestyle and summer holidays. Check my helpful tips on how to keep up with healthy habits during the summertime!

Coconut smoothie for summertime motivation

1. Protein-Rich Snacks

A glass of sparkling wine here and there. Barbeque and beer. Hot days, and ice cream. Yes, I get. After all, summer is only once a year! Plus, we also have to enjoy life once in a while. It is just right to keep in mind that moderation is also here the key. 

If you have a barbeque party or big dinner in the evening, eat a bit lighter during day time. Preferably, enjoy protein-rich lunch. Before events, or parties, I usually drink a protein shake or eat a protein-rich snack, which keeps me satisfied, and therefore I don't feel like binge eating later on or snacking unhealthy treats. Adequate protein intake is especially important in weight management, so pay extra attention to it!

Teija having great motivating on the beach in summertime

2. Motivation from daily activities

On hot day's motivation to sweat and do high intense sports may degrease for many of us. Staying active does not necessarily mean you have to go for a run or do a HIIT workout. Biking to a supermarket, working in a garden, or walking to your friend's place is a great way to stay active!

If your workout motivation is not there, just keep yourself active during the day. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park, your car to the, furthers parking spot. Carry your shopping bags, briskly, walking. You got it? Small things become a great end of the day!

3. Balance is the key

Too much stress and guilt are harmful to us; we all are aware of it. For example, if you ate giant ice cream, there is no point in guilt. Instead, it is better to focus on how you can balance the situation. For example, enjoy the next meal a little lighter or make a short brisk walk. A single treat once in a while is not bad; it is all about balance. Make healthy choices every day, choices that will make you feel good. Remember that it is always, after all, about you and about your well-being.

For myself, the best state of well-being is balance. My so-called balance mainly includes sports, healthy food, love, and enough sleeping. And when my balance is in order, it can also hold a glass of wine and a few treats now and then. 😉 The purpose of a balanced life is to increase well-being and happiness.

I wish you a fantastic summertime, stay active!

We can do this X Teija

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