The onset of menopause can be a difficult thing for many. It feels like a particular stage of life is now finally over, and the days of elderliness loom around the corner. And if not just feeling already depressed, for many menopause brings a bunch of physical symptoms: Nightsweats, insomnia, and weight gain. What to do? What are the best natural ways to support the body during menopause?

Learn more about how to give your body maximum support during menopause. And how a custom meal plan for menopausal symptoms can help you out!

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Protect your bones

Have you heard that menopause leads to a decrease in estrogen? So what does estrogen have to do with bones? As a result of declining estrogen, bones are more accessible to exposed osteoporosis and fractures.

Studies show that increasing exercise helps reduce menopausal symptoms. Exercise is a great way to protect your bones! The best forms of exercise for osteoporosis prevention are vibration-inducing sports activities like brisk walking, jogging, cardio classes, and strength training.

Also, at the onset of menopause, it is essential to ensure adequate calcium intake. Your bones also need vitamin D, which supports bone tissue formation and helps calcium to be absorbed. Therefore, you should review your diet and pay attention to adequate calcium and vitamin D intake.

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A custom meal plan for menopausal symptoms - reduction of night sweats?

After all, we all know that good nutrition promotes health. But did you know that besides, the right diet can affect also menopausal symptoms? And even as an annoying symptom as hot flashes. Phytoestrogens naturally raise hormone levels, and best of all, they have no side effects. It is worth putting together a diet that can make you feel better. If you are more interested in the topic, check our 7-day diet custom plan for menopause support. Also available in a plant-based version. We wanted to provide support in the form of nutrition for anyone going through menopause.

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Protein & strength training to support a healthy weight

Many concerns about weight gain as menopause come into play. As a result of hormonal changes, the body slowly begins to stop producing estrogen, which may cause the metabolism to slow down and more fat to accumulate in the body.

Can weight gain be prevented? Of course! Now it is time for regular exercise, dare I say more than ever before? Menopause slowly reduces muscle mass because of falling estrogen. And therefore, it is essential to pay attention to strength training. It is also necessary to consider a sufficient amount of protein in the diet to prevent muscle mass loss. Strength training and adequate protein intake together help build muscle. Also, protein keeps hunger away and prevent you from unnecessary snacking.

If you need help with menopause nutrition, we have all figured out for you. Check our 7-Day Menopause Support Diet Custom Meal Plan here if you need extra motivation to start healthier habits. Also available plant-based.

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7-Day Menopause Support Diet Custom Meal Plan

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