Changing a lifestyle is a new opportunity but also a challenge. It's easier to exercise regularly and eat healthily when you are both committed to a similar lifestyle. Of course, the intention is not that you have to do everything together suddenly. Just when sharing a healthy lifestyle together, you are more likely to be active and most importantly you spend more time together.

It is disappointing if you would like to enjoy sporty experiences together and your partner prefers to stay indoors scrolling Facebook. It won't motivate you to get more active, and it brings undesirable tensions to the relationship.

Read our three tips on how to support each other and find a way to get more active together!

couples holding hands together and making a heart sign outdoors - healthy lifestyle together

1. Finding an activity that both like

First, it is essential to find an activity that interests and challenges both of you. If one of you is very sporty and the other one a beginner or exercising irregularly, it is challenging to find something that won't end up in frustration. Second, it is no fun to workout together if one acts like a cheeky teacher, giving constant advises and critic. Trying something you both like, helps you to make it a habit and at the end of the day share a healthy lifestyle together.

Try, for example, a cross-training workout at home or the nearest park; exercise together with an easy and advanced option. You can variate exercises fitting to your current fitness levels. It's very motivating when you both can work out and have a blast together.

couple training together outdoors - healthy lifestyle together blog

 2. Compromises are the way to reach a healthy lifestyle together

Motivating your partner to join your favorite activity, helps you both to get more active. When you share a workout together, there is no need for guilty feelings spending too much time apart from each other. Especially in the case that your time together is limited. When there is a will, there is a way.

For example, going for a long bike trip together won't be a problem even when you are at a different cardio level. E-biking (electric bicycle) is a great alternative and option. The weaker one of you can get a push when it's needed. No waiting and frustration. If you are using regular bikes, plan the route and time in advance. Set clear goals. This way both of you can more likely enjoy a successful experience. Sharing a healthy lifestyle together and supporting each other helps your relationship to grow and get stronger.

couple biking together - healthy lifestyle together blog

3. Getting into the cooking mode

Is your aim to lose a few pounds and feel better? Making changes is not easy alone when temptations always surround you. The transition might be difficult because your partner's eating habits differ from your goals. Watching Netflix together while eating a bag of chips won't support your weight loss either.

Talk to your partner about how you feel and how significant his or her support is for you. You can both get into cooking and create your favorite dishes! Make a healthier version of your favorite meal, variate and try new recipes. A great option is to optimize your diet together with our custom meal plans and diet programs.

Putting time and effort into cooking, enjoying a delicious self-prepared meal together is a bonding experience. Besides your cravings later on for treats decrease. You can spend a great time in the kitchen, eat healthy delicious food and still watch your favorite show on Netflix with a good conscience.

couple cooking together in the kitchen - healthy lifestyle together blog

If you and your partner both decide to get fit and share a healthy lifestyle together, it's helpful to set joint goals. Of course, only you can change your lifestyle, but together you are even stronger. Let's help and motivate each other every day!

Kind Greetings, Teija - Online Fitness Coach with 2FitnessLovers.