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The entire body can suffer because of the problems in your stomach. Many of us know how uncomfortable and painful intestinal problems can be. Changes in the intestinal microbial have been associated with many diseases. Therefore read my tips and thoughts on how to improve your gut health.

woman having a stress which can treathen her healthy gut

1. Stress Managment

Stress is a big threat to our gut health. Simply, stress interferes with intestinal function. Heartburn, swollenness, constipation, and diarrhea. Does it sound familiar? Also, the important mucosa of the bowel may get damaged. That happened to me, as the stress caused me a temporary stomach ulcer.

When I was young, I was working as a travel guide. Every time I switched to a new location, I was tense and nervous about the new situation so much that I started to suffer from a stomach ulcer. I who never had any problems with my stomach. Of course, I realized that stress was not the only reason. My diet also needed to improve. I had to reduce processed, fatty food. And alcohol. Which was difficult as I loved partying. My poor stomach could not handle the stress and my irregular lifestyle. In my case, I only suffered from the stomach ulcer when I was nervous and had major changes in my life.

Think about what situations and things cause you to stress?
How can you avoid those situations and/or improve your stress management? How can you improve your lifestyle? Write down which kind of things stress you and make you nervous. You already take the first step when you observe and think about your situation. The next step is to make an action plan on how to improve your lifestyle. Also, one important key for the stress management is enough of quality sleep. Regular life rhythm does not mean boring. It means taking good care of yourself!

six different kind of fermented food which are improving your gut health

2. Improve your gut health with fermented foods

Have you heard about fermented foods and their effects on the healthy gut? Let me mention a few such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, natto, and pickles. I must admit, none of these aren't my top favorite foods. But these days I am familiar with kefir, and I try to eat once in a while sauerkraut.
The fermentation process helps essential bacteria to flourish. Fermentation is also a good source of probiotics. Good bacterias make our digestion easier.

Speaking of bacterias, recently I have been starting my days with an OmniBiotic supplement which is made from natural substances. I would like to eat more fermented food, but I don't always succeed. Having a supplement that optimizes my intestinal flora by the settlement with the right bacterias is a great deal for me!

woman having a heart on her belly which means she has healthy gut

3. Holistic Nutrition

What we eat has a great impact on the wellbeing of the intestinal microbial. Therefore, our diet is the key to gut health.
This does not surprise anyone, holistic well-being and diet is the key element for our gut health. You make everyday choices that can exacerbate or improve the intestinal well-being. Do you eat large portions? If the answer is yes, start to pay attention to your habits and eat smaller portions. Pay attention also to food additives. They do not improve the intestinal wellbeing. When you have the opportunity, favor organic food. Clean your diet and start eating less processed, fresh food. If you find it difficult to start on your own, check our custom meal plan called gut healing diet. The diet plan supplies collagen, glutamine and fermented food to improving good bacterias in your gut.


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