Do you have any workout routines? Or first of all, are you working out regularly? If not, I would love to help you out and get you started! Check and get my 1-hour workout routine at home fitness plan + video for free and get rolling! This program is suitable for all fitness levels.

Clear plan to get started

If you feel you don't have a clear plan of what you are doing, it is easy to lose motivation. Planning to do a 1-hour workout routine at home can feel long and boring, especially without a smart and sensible plan. Here I give you easy instructions - you will have a clear idea of how to get started! Let's go!

Warm-up -

One hour workout routine at home

Let's start. Starting every workout, a warm-up is a must. Do you know why the warm-up is so vital? Warm-up prepares the body for the coming workout strain by starting the respiratory and blood circulatory system. It also warms the tissues and awakening the nervous system. By doing a thorough pre-warm-up, you will, therefore, avoid injuries. The warm-up should last five to ten minutes.

Let's start with the 10 Minutes Warm-up routine ( above the video

  1. Marching
  2. Jogging ( Marching if you are beginner / low impact option )
  3. Walk to Plank
  4. Elbow - Knee (No jumps if you are a beginner / low impact option )
  5. Cross Step Back

Each exercise one minute. Repeat Two Rounds.

Strenght part - One Hour Workout Routine at Home

35 Minutes Strenght part ( Above the whole workout video included a warm-up, strength part & cooldown = 1 hour ) 

1. Lunges alternating forward *20 + Push-ups *15 / 3 Rounds

2. Lunges alternating Reverse *20 + Plank to ups 10+10 / 3 Rounds

3. One leg pelvic lift *15 + 15 + Side plank scissors 10+10 / 3 Rounds

4. Back extension *20 + V-ups *15 or Sit-ups *10 / 3 Rounds

(Check the modified versions in the video above)

After the strength part, it is time for the cool down and stretch! Cooldown calms and recovers the body. First 5 minutes, you can stand up and do marching, arm circles, and easy body rotations. Then finish the cooldown with 10-minute stretching. Stretching should include our most prominent muscle groups. Remember, do not skip the cooldown! 

When your workout hour is planned sensibly, not only will the time pass faster, you will also get better results and progress more quickly! I wish you great fun and motivation!

We can do this! X Teija

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