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Our mission is to support people around the world to be more active and fitness-lovers to reach their fitness and health goalsWe are constantly recording new workout videos for every age and skill level. Find a selection below and visit our YouTube channel for all our videos. Everything you see online is done by ourselves, 2FitnessLovers, Teija & Karl.

Cardio Circuit Fun Workout

28 Minute Cardio Circuit Fun workout video recorded outdoors by 2FitnessLovers, starts with a 5-minute warm-up session. The cardiovascular exercises are designed to increase your circulation and body temperature, bring the heart rate up and prepare us for the coming three rounds of the cardio circle. If you are a Beginner, I show you easier options to follow. Warm Up and Cool Down are included as well. Let the real fun and sweating begin!

28 Minute Cardio Circuit Fun | 2FitnessLovers - Workout Video #24

Short upper Body workout

5 Minute Stronger Upper Body Workout video recorded outdoors by 2FitnessLovers is a short and intense workout including three sets of push-up variations to all the way my favorite exercise plank to pushup! In this 5 Minutes, we are targeting our muscles in chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs. Beginners are welcome to join; I also show you easier options! Join in and let's train together! Subscribe our channel to get notified of new workout videos first.

5 Minute Upper Body Workout | 2FitnessLovers - Workout Video #23

Short stronger Core workout

5 Minute Stronger Core Workout video, recorded outdoors by 2FitnessLovers, includes static and active variations of basic elbow planking to side planking positions. Plank is one of the best exercises you can do for your core because it builds isometric strength to help sculpt your waistline and improve your posture. In this workout, we also engage our back, arms, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings. If you are a beginner, no problem, I also show easier options!

5 Minute Stronger Core Workout | 2FitnessLovers - Workout Video #22

Short stronger Back workout

5 Minute Stronger Back Workout Video includes three sets of different combinations of superman exercise and back extension. To get a strong core and back, this is a great workout to start and go with it. Beginners may not have much back strength, so these bodyweight exercises are the great addition to your workout routines.

5 Minute Stronger Back Workout | 2FitnessLovers - Workout Video #19

Short Back Stretch

Movement is vital for our health and especially to our back health. Our 5 Minute Back Stretch & Mobility Workout facilitates a significant release of the hips and lower-back while opening up the thoracic back and alleviating tension all the way to the shoulders and neck. Join the workout video and let's stretch together!

5 Minute Back Stretch & Mobility | 2FitnessLovers - Workout Video #20

Kettlebell workout

Our kettlebell workout will tone your entire body. You can do these exercises at home or outdoor. We have great movements included in the kettlebell workout video, like lunges with the kettlebell, squat and shoulder press, kettlebell swings. Your whole body must work hard to the end of the class!

40 Min Full Body Kettlebell Workout | 2FitnessLovers - Workout Video #21

Short Abs Workout

Our 5 Minute Abs Workout challenges you, no matter if you are a beginner or looking forward to having an intense and short abs session. This workout is a great combination of different exercises targeting your abs.

Push up Workout - Teija trains Karl

In this 15min Upper Body Workout with Push Up Variations, Online Personal Trainer Teija from 2FitnessLovers is training and making Karl "suffer" ;) Karl wants to get back in shape and increase his muscles and strength.

Full body HIIT Workout

17 minutes full body boost bodyweight HIIT workout including warm-up and a short cool down - with our dog Nella :) in the video, and background music by Teija from 2FitnessLovers. 

Energy Warm Up

5 minutes energy body warm-up session by Teija. If you like to have a kickstart, but the choreography is not your thing, then this is the perfect warm-up for you! Teija will guide and motivate you.

Stretch & Mobility session

11 minutes stretching and mobility training recorded on the lakeside of "Ossiacher See" in beautiful Carinthia/Austria. We train to improve our flexibility and prevent a backache.

Cardio blast workout

28 Minutes Cardio Blast - Get your heart rate up with this cardio fitness workout, burn lots of calories and build strength with the efficient and fun fitness workout by Online Personal Trainer Teija Storbacka from

HIIT IT HARD workout

HIIT IT HARD is a 19min Bodyweight High-Intensity Interval Training by Online Personal Trainer Teija from 2FitnessLovers. We recorded this video at the lakeside - Laghi di Fusine - in beautiful Italy, near Tarvisio.

Basic Core Workout

15 minutes core strength workout by Teija. Basic core training includes warm up with mobilization movements. Teija gives you easy and more advanced options for all exercises.

Bodyweight HIIT

20 minutes bodyweight full HIIT workout including warm-up, cool-down, and background music by Teija. No equipment needed. It contains six rounds, each exercise lasts 20 seconds. Join in and HIIT it up ;)

Short stick body Warm Up

5 minutes warm up workout with stick recorded on the lakeside. We warm up our whole body for a subsequent strength workout or any other fitness training. Join Teija online now!

long Stretch & Mobility session

Long Deep Stretching & Mobility Session at The Lakeside By Online Fitness Coach Teija Storbacka from 2FitnessLovers. Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT the video if you enjoyed watching it - this is very helpful for us! 

Full Core Workout

21min Full Core Workout with Music by Online Personal Trainer Teija from 2FitnessLovers. Teija explains all fitness exercises and it includes a short cool-down. Everybody can do this full core workout as Teija shows different options for all fitness levels.

Upper Body Workout

16 minutes upper body, bodyweight training including easy warm-up and background music to do home or outdoors by Teija. Perfect home training to tone and make your upper body stronger.

Booty Workout

14 minutes booty & legs intense workout with FitnessBand. We focus on training our legs and shaping our booty. Teija from 2FitnessLovers trains with you. FitnessBand needed for this program.

Get Toned! - Cardio workout

Get Toned is a Fun Full Body Cardio And Strength Workout by This Cardio Workout starts with a 5 minute Warm-Up. Let the Real Fun and Sweating Begin!