What is fitness and nutrition coaching online?

Our fitness and nutrition coaching online service is the best combination of our tailor-made online personal training and nutrition coaching plus a real coach (Teija) who is always at your side. Take the first step to a healthy lifestyle!

A real coach, not a computer

We could write hours about it, and we have done so before. But, in the end, it all comes down to this: A real personal coach can help you to get and stay in shape, and that's what we do. Not an automated app in which you enter some data and a computer creates your "personal" program. Sure, it works that way for many people. But we are working together with clients for which it doesn't. They want a real person, a trustful trainer to talk to and build a professional, long-term relationship.

Is fitness and nutrition coaching online for you?

Typically our clients worked with a trainer before and didn't need or want personal training sessions anymore. They want a coach to design a custom training and nutrition plan and consult them whenever required. Our clients want to workout everywhere and anytime without the need to go somewhere. Flexible adjustments are a must, and individual life situations need full consideration.

What it includes & cost

  • Initial consultation with your coach (Teija)
  • Flexible and fully individual training and meal plans
  • A personal coach at your side
  • Check-ups with your coach as needed
  • Scheduled monthly consultation and feedback session
  • Unlimited direct contact
  • A great fitness app, workout and exercise videos and
  • Much more

$229 per month | Subscription service

Start your fitness and nutrition online coaching program

Subscribe to fitness and nutrition coaching online at $229 for the first month. Your program renews each month at $229 automatically until cancelation. You can cancel anytime with a minimum contract duration of one month. After purchasing the program, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Find questions and answers for our fitness and nutrition coaching online service here.

What does subscription service mean?

Once you subscribe to fitness and nutrition coaching online the service will be ongoing and you will be billed every month. We will always inform you personally one week before the next monthly fee will be carried out.

What’s your cancelation policy?

You can cancel the service anytime by stopping the subscription in PayPal yourself or let us know per email or phone and we will do it for you. After cancelation, you will not be charged a monthly fee anymore unless you decide to start again.

Why is there a minimum contract period of one month?

Fitness and nutrition coaching online is an individual service in which a real coach is consulting with you, designing your training plan and creating a custom meal plan for you. This takes a lot of time and efforts on our side. Therefore one month is set as the minimum contract period in which you can cancel but no refunds are possible.

What's your refund policy?

After the first month in which refunds are not possible, you can cancel any day, also during the month. In this case, we will issue a refund for the remaining unused days. This way you only pay for the days that you were using our service.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! You can always contact your coach directly via email, phone or using the chat function in our fitness app. You can also send an email to contact@2FitnessLovers.com and we will reply to you as soon as possible and latest within 24 hours.

How frequently do you change my plans?

Your coach sets up your initial training and nutrition plans following a personal consultation with you. After that, it is on you and your coach to decide whenever adjustments are needed to support your needs and goals. Your coach checks your workouts every day and changes can be made daily if needed.

More information

Read more about 2FitnessLovers online personal training and nutrition coaching, our fitness app, client references, etc. by clicking on "More" in our menu or contact us anytime. Start your healthy lifestyle now!