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How can a custom meal plan for menopausal symptoms help?

The onset of menopause can be a difficult thing for many. It feels like a particular stage of life is now finally over, and the days of elderliness loom around the corner. And if not just feeling already depressed, for many menopause brings a bunch of physical symptoms: Nightsweats, insomnia, and weight gain. What to do? What are the best natural ways to support the body during menopause? Learn more about how to give your …

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The Right Mindset – How to Succeed in Weight Loss

Often when talking about weight loss, we concentrate on the practical side of things like how many calories we should eat and how much sports we should do. And for sure, it is essential that the diet is working and that the number of calories is proportional to the daily consumption to lose weight successfully. However, I would like to highlight the mental side of weight loss. If we would pay more attention to the …

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Check Our Helpful Tips!

Regardless of your diet and fitness program, the scale number looks the same from the week after another. Sounds Familiar? You may feel a great sense of frustration and lack of motivation, and you are ready to try anything that could give you a short cut to happiness? Please read my following tips on why I am not losing weight, and get back in the game! Stop yo yo-dieting and get lasting weight loss results! …

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Get Free Plan & Video – One Hour Workout Routine at Home

Do you have any workout routines? Or first of all, are you working out regularly? If not, I would love to help you out and get you started! Check and get my 1-hour workout routine at home fitness plan + video for free and get rolling! This program is suitable for all fitness levels. Clear plan to get started If you feel you don’t have a clear plan of what you are doing, it is …

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Can we Boost our Immunity System against Coronavirus?

I’m aware that no supplement can cure any virus, especially Coronavirus. But the right nutrition and healthy habits are critical factors for strengthening our body. Check my tips on how to intensify your immunity system and boost your health! 1. Gut Health Immunity is a combination of genetic and environmental influence and refers to the body’s ability to protect itself against germs. And studies show that the roots of the immunity system are located precisely …

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Exercise, Power of Positive Thinking & Joy – Keys to Success?

I recently read a study dealing with the feeling of displeasure and depression caused by social media to women. I also find myself sometimes browsing those perfect gym selfies. And instead of getting inspired, sometimes they rather make me feel irritated. As the pursuit of perfection is not always motivating, nor give me joy or the power to positive thinking. The same goes for exercise. Exercising should bring pleasure If exercise doesn’t inspire me, bring …

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How to Maintain Motivation During the Summertime

Long-awaited summer is finally here. And for many of us, it means a more relaxing lifestyle! Also, during the summertime, it is maybe hard to keep up the motivation high with sports or healthy eating. Temptations to eat unhealthily and skip the workouts seem more likely due to more irregular lifestyle and summer holidays. Check my helpful tips on how to keep up with healthy habits during the summertime! 1. Protein-Rich Snacks A glass of …

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Teija, 38 (Finnish) is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with 17 years experience. She coaches clients online around the world, loves training, clean eating, traveling, tennis, fashion and walking our beloved dog Nella.

Teija is providing most of our online fitness coaching services and speaks fluent Finnish, English, and German. She has dedicated her life for many years to fitness and health.