How to start exercising your back muscles at home safely and effectively? And why is it essential to strengthen our back muscles? Check further and learn about the importance of our core muscles and how to exercise back muscles at home correctly; see my tips for a more functional and healthy back. Below you will also find my five-minute videos at home - back workout and back mobility & stretch.

woman holding her neck, at home - back pain

Exercising at home - back workout benefits

The back muscles extend from the neck to the butt. We use our back muscles in a variety of ways every day, all the time. Unfortunately, our back muscles are quite susceptible to injury and pain. Because as we use them a lot, they suffer easily from stress and poor posture.

Back pain is widespread and has become a significant cause of mobility impairments for people of all ages. Do you also suffer from back pain? Do you sit a lot for your work, and is your posture terrible? What to do if you have back pain from day to day, especially after a long day at work?

First, healthy and functional back muscles are the backbone of our entire body. The functions of the spinal muscles include the support of the spine. They are also essential for the posture of the whole body. Therefore, it is important to regularly exercise your back muscles with exercises that increase muscle endurance and help back muscles relax.

Sleep quality & Stress management

Is it also good to pay attention to stress management and sleep quality? Could there be room for improvement? How many hours do you sleep, and what is your quality of sleep? After waking up, do your body and muscles feel relaxed?

A stressful life situation decreased mood, or anxiety can also trigger back pain. These things also prevent us from relaxing and interfere with sleeping, increasing back pain even further.

Remember to pay attention to overall well-being and balance. Exercise, the necessary rest, and restorative sleep are the keys to ensuring a healthy and functional, pain-free back.

We can do this! X Teija

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