I recently read a study dealing with the feeling of displeasure and depression caused by social media to women. I also find myself sometimes browsing those perfect gym selfies. And instead of getting inspired, sometimes they rather make me feel irritated. As the pursuit of perfection is not always motivating, nor give me joy or the power to positive thinking. The same goes for exercise.

Teija smiling against the wall after doing some exercise - power positive thinking

Exercising should bring pleasure

If exercise doesn't inspire me, bring me joy, and boost me with "power positive thinking", it doesn't motivate me either. It is essential that exercising is meaningful and also produces at least some kind of pleasure. I got amused when my friend told me recently why to work out badass hardcore anymore at this age as our goal isn't Olympics god sake!

Sure, if hard training brings pleasure and joy, then go for it. I also like to work out hard in between then here, depending on my goal. And that doesn't, of course, mean I don't enjoy exercise. But my own goal is not that my training and lifestyle become unflexible perfectionism. I don't demand it from my clients either. After all, I always conclude that the golden path is the best. Combining flexibility and efficiency gives good results.

Poster saying: smile and it can saves someone's day - power positive thinking

Power positive thinking

Maybe I just wanted to remind you and a little bit of myself with this post. If you're a beginner in exercising or have gained a few extra pounds, don't let social media discourage you or your coworker who is boasting with new triathlon time. If, on the other hand, you find out that you have become the perfection seeker, take a notch down, and remember to enjoy life. Life doesn't crash even one workout is sometimes missed.

The joy, humor, and positive atmosphere may be just the factors that encourage regular exercise and lasting lifestyle change. Next time, remember three words when you go to work out, power positive thinking 🙂

We can do this x Teija

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