Are you suffering symptoms caused by your poorly functioning thyroid? Check how you can boost your thyroid health and function with the right kind of diet. Proper nutrition can support and help the thyroid function. Learn to eat right and check how our customized thyroid health diet meal plan can help you out!

Are you suffering from thyroid disorders?

Thyroid dysfunction is an illness associated with thyroid hormone dysfunction. Different types of thyroid disorders affect either its structure or function. The thyroid produces hormones that touch every vital organ and every cell in the metabolism processes throughout the body.

The poorly functioning thyroid gland can cause symptoms like weight gain, low body temperature, and low energy levels. Some of the following symptoms may also be familiar like: dry skin, thinning hair, mental fatigue, headache, depression, constipation, and palpitations. 

avocados for customized thyroid health meal plan

Help with our customized thyroid health diet meal plan 

Our meal plan includes great ingredients like Brazilian nuts, bone broth, coconut fat, iodine, omega-3, which give care and a boost for your thyroid function.

Did you know that iodine is necessary for thyroid function and deficiency may cause thyroid dysfunction? Therefore our diet is also rich with seafood. The meal plan is free from soy, uncooked cruciferous vegetables, gluten, and dairy.

Would you like to have new ideas and recipes which are boosting your thyroid function? Our delicious recipes, like an example, baked salmon with broccoli & quinoa and shrimp & cabbage stir-fry, give you new inspiration for cooking. Get your customized diet plan and start to improve your health now!

Our customized thyroid health meal plan includes great salmon recipe

Our custom meal plan includes

  • 7-Day custom meal plan for the thyroid health diet
  • We fully tailor the plan to your needs and goals
  • Meal prep guide
  • Delicious recipes for boosting your thyroid health
  • Nutritional values
  • High-quality food pictures
  • Grocery list to know what to buy and how much, giving you complete control over the meal planning process
  • Easy, healthy recipes for the meals
  • New cooking ideas & motivation


Get your customized thyroid health diet meal plan

Buy now for $49 one-time charge. Seven days duration.

Customizing your  diet meal plan

We will tailor the thyroid health diet meal plan to your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, goals, allergies, and limitations. Please fill in our information sheet accurately after purchasing the meal plan.

In case we have any further questions, we will contact you via email within 24 hours. If there are no further questions, we will customize and send your final plan within 48 hours.