Summertime is finally here! How do you avoid the pitfalls of the Summer season? Read the best tips on how to stay and continue a healthy lifestyle during the summer! Rock your summertime and keep up your fitness!

Keep your routines

For many of us, summertime is the best time of the year. Also, summer can mean an unregular lifestyle, which means too little sleep, too much alcohol, and late-night dinners. Moreover, I don't need to mention barbeques and all the new ice cream flavors you must try. After all, it is summer, and you want to make the best of it.

Teija Storbacka standing on the Beach in Tariffa Spain and keeping up her summertime fitness routines

Sounds lame, but by keeping up your workout routines, you can actually enjoy the summer even more — no energy-level fallbacks. Summertime fitness makes you feel energetic and active! Workouts keep you on track, and no bad consense of not being productive.

Summertime fitness health tips

Eating regularly is essential. Often, during the heat wave, we don't feel hungry during the day. However, when the evening arrives, we eat too big portion sizes and too many calories.

Teija storbacka reaching a cherry from the cherry tree and keeping up her summertime fitness

Healthy snacking

Fresh smoothies are a great way to keep your blood sugar balanced. Also, drinking a colorful smoothie ensures you give your body healthy nutrients. Adding a protein scoop into the smoothies makes you feel satisfied and helps you fight against that big hunger later in the evening.

Make sure you have healthy snacks, and take a small water bottle in your purse. This way, you make sure you always have water within reach, so no suffering from dehydration can happen. Also, carrying "heat-friendly" snacks like nuts, bananas, and apples in your bag is a great way to avoid binge eating later.

We can do this! x Teija

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