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You are in a good place - you are rocking a healthy lifestyle. Meaning you exercise regularly and eat healthily. However, then the holiday begins. And the question is how to continue a healthy lifestyle during the vacation? Check out our straight forward tips on how to avoid holiday remorse and keep up vacation activity!

Teija Storbacka posing front of the blue door in Croatia ready for vacation activity

Step target kick starts your vacation activity

It's normal that we want to take it easy on vacation. And charging our bodies up with energy. However, we will feel much better and gain actually energy if we remain active. Enable a daily steps target is a great start! Collecting steps will motivate you to stay active. Moreover, as you notice, remain active, your metabolism is on the go, no fallbacks!

Walk and Explore

Walking is a great way to explore the sights and keep vacation activity going on. Head out for excursions where you are to courage yourself being active.

How about hiking? A great way to explore the local environment. Short visits in nature will refresh the body and mind.

Karl Promberger hiking in Croatia and keeping up his vacation activity

Portion control

Eating out is usually one of the highlights of the holiday! Protracted lunches and dinners with loved ones are the best! However, eating every day, too big portion sizes plus alcohol begin to make us feel bloated. Let alone tired. Excess calories start to appear on your waist already after a week. So what helps?

Check the portion sizes; you are not forced to eat the full portion if it is gigantic. It's okay to eat just as much that you feel full. You can also share your meal with your friend or partner. Also, If you appear to be a sugar tooth, choose the lightest and freshest option for dessert. Alternatively, share a dessert and drink enough water. We often confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger. Plus alcohol and heat remove the fluid. Therefore remember to drink enough pure water and avoid dehydration.

We can do this! x Teija


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