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Regular stretch session keeps our body elastic. Also, stiffness decrease and recovery improve. What are the benefits of improving our flexibility? Read how to do stretching correctly and how it can improve our daily well being!

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Benefits of improving the flexibility

Stretching intensify our blood circulation. Therefore also muscle blood flow improves. As a result, the general fitness is progressing plus recovery is speeding up. Stretching reduces stiffness and muscle ailments as the body's elasticity improves. So we can say that correctly done stretch session can reduce the risk of sports injuries.

Recently, I also read from a study where regular stretching said to improves muscle strength, endurance, and efficiency. Now, it sounds like my motivation to do stretch exercises just grew significantly!

From my own experience, I already know that stretch session is essential to me. My mobility has improved significantly. Moreover, my recovery is faster, and I no longer suffer from everyday muscle itches. Stretching, thus improves daily performance. Daily chores are manageable when the body is working well.

Also, best of all, a stretch session improves stress management. Even a short stretch session relaxes our body. Meanwhile, heart rate stabilizes. Focusing on the moment is a great way to clear our mind.

Young woman stretching her hamstrings

What is the correct way to do stretching?

It is also important to point out that an improper stretch session can predispose sports injuries. Also, as I mentioned above, when done correctly, stretching can prevent injuries.

The most important thing is timing. Note that stretching your muscles just before training does not improve your performance. Instead, doing an intense stretch session before your sports performance may reduce strength, stamina, and speed.

It is essential to warm up the body before starting to exercise, but not stretch. Make a short stretch session after a workout. Don't make extreme stretches even if it would feel secure. The goal is not straining the muscle.

When is it the best time stretch and flex?

Stretch for a couple of hours after training or the next day. However, remember to always warm-up before. Focus on breathing, do not hold your breath, or pull your stomach in. Start calmly listening to your body. Don't stretch forcibly; you shouldn't feel pain. Focus on peaceful stretching; bouncing up and down does not improve your body elasticity.

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