If I don't eat regularly, I often don't feel or even notice hunger, and I become a snacker. A snacker who eats a bit of this and that but nothing decent. And as a result, later on, I'm starving and feeling fatigued, which can lead in the end to binge eating. Sounds familiar?

Check my helpful tips on how to get more regular eating habits and improve your diet!

Teija snacking at her kitchen and learning regular eating habit

Forget intuitive eating

Many people speak for intuitive eating, and maybe it works for some of the people. But, my experience of intuitive eating is unregular snacking and binge eating. An example, if I'm not eating enough nutrient-dense and regular meals during the day, my body intuitively wishes for a bag of chips and chocolate.

Regular eating habits are essential

If your goal is weight-loss or you are an active person, regular eating habits are key. A steady food rhythm ensures not only balanced blood sugar levels but also proper energy levels and decent recovery. Normal-sized meals and a few snacks between the meals are avoiding fatigue and mood swings caused by hunger or too big portions.

Grocery shopping list helps with Regular eating habits

Plan and Prep

I often talk about meal prepping because it really helps to eat more balanced. I check on Monday how the week is going to be and plan what I'm going to cook at home. Next, I'm reviewing the recipes and making the grocery shopping list. As a result, I have all the ingredients at home for cooking, which makes my everyday life much more comfortable. Prepping should be easy!

Recipes and grocery list helps to get you with Regular eating habits

My short summary

When I have a clear plan, it is easy to eat balanced and healthy. Planning and meal prepping help me to avoid those situations when I get too hungry and feel too impatient to cook and make bad unhealthy choices.

Regular eating habits should not make your daily life complicated and confused. Instead, regular eating should make your everyday life more relaxed, and most importantly, improve your well-being and raise your energy levels.

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We can do this! X Teija


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