Would you like to turn your diet into a plant-based? What to consider when starting a plant-based diet? Read our tips on how to optimize a healthy nutrition-rich vegan diet!

A fully vegan diet is a healthy option when properly prepared. Diversity is essential, as well as in any diet. But what nutritional supplements and vitamins are vital for a plant-based diet?

delicious vegan sandwich for a plant-based diet

Vitamin B12 is vital to our nervous system. 

Most importantly, if you leave meat and fish out of your diet, you should make sure you get enough vitamin B12. B12 vitamin is naturally present only in animal products.

However, it is possible to get enough vitamin B12 also from fortified plant milk products like example soya, rice, and oat drinks if you consume them daily enough.

However, a high-quality vitamin B12 supplement is a reliable alternative to ensuring adequate intake. Using it ensures you get enough vitamin B12 every day.

Other important vitamins and trace elements for the plant-based diet

Calcium is essential to our bones and to keep our teeth healthy. Good sources of calcium in a plant-based diet are, for example, soy, sesame seeds, and almonds, and green leafy vegetables like broccoli and cabbage.

You can also get calcium from fortified plant milk products like as well from vegetables.

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The intake of iodine is more challenging for vegans because iodine is most often only obtained from table salt and seaweed. Therefore, iodine is a recommended dietary supplement for all vegans.

Also good to note that no matter what kind of diet a person follows, he or she should nevertheless get enough of the essential omega-3 and vitamin D.

Instead, like vitamin D Our body can´t produce omega-3. We should all also focus on the omega-3 to -6 ratios, as the ratio of omega-6 / omega-3 fatty acids in Western diets has become unfavorable for health in recent decades.

The good news is our bodies can produce vitamin D from UV radiation. But because nowadays many of us stay more indoors than outdoors, creating vitamin D can be challenging. Our strong bones need calcium but also vitamin D, which enhances calcium absorption. However, make sure your vitamin D supplement is vegan-friendly as not all vitamin D3 supplements are.

the necessary nutritional supplements are important for plant-based diet

The body needs iron to transport oxygen

When we are considering iron intake without eating meat, it is a good idea to add plenty of whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds to your diet.

Because plant-based iron is less absorbed, it is wise to eat vitamin C with iron sources together, which enhances iron absorption.

The plant-based diet does not inhibit the progress

Also, remember to favor nutrient-dense ingredients in your plant-based diet and avoid processed foods. Also, pay attention to getting enough protein. But if you have a varied diet, your protein needs will usually be met.

I do a lot of sports, and to ensure a quick recovery, my daily routine includes a smoothie that contains vegetable source proteins. A plant-based diet is by no means a barrier to progress. When properly implemented, the plant-based diet has many positive effects on our bodies and health.

If you feel unsure, I highly recommend trying our plant-based or vegan diets. It will help you get started and give you ideas on what to eat and cook.

We can do this! X Teija


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