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Summer is history, and Autumn chilly mornings are here. Some of us may be depressed by the dark evenings of Autumn, leaving us feeling unenergetic and unmotivated. How to beat the Autumn blues? Read my motivational tips for fall!

Colorful leaves in autumn - Motivational tips for fall

There is no bad weather

Although the weather is not always perfect, do not get stuck indoors. Fresh air gives a perfect energy kick! After a rainy day, the air is rich in oxygen. Go for a walk and take a deep breath.

If the radio warns about rainy weather, we often think that, well, the day is bleak and it is better to skip the outdoor activities. Well, nonsense, I say! Weather forecasts often look gloomier than the weather itself. After all, the weather is just a matter of dressing. Get the warm waterproof gear. Enjoy the outdoors, even in wet conditions!

    Motivational tips for fall - Challenge yourself

    After the fun of the summer and the festivities, you may feel empty inside when Autumn arrives. That's why we need new challenges that motivate us!

    How about signing yourself to a half marathon or 10k competition? Alternatively, join a little push-up or burpee challenge? 

    When we have a new goal, we are more likely to get motivated! Seeing you hit your new personal best while running or in the gym gives you inspiration and satisfaction. 

    Also starting a new hobby or activity is a great idea! Learning new skills keeps the spirit high, and there is no time to get into a gloomy mood.

    woman jumps on the box - Motivational tips for fall

    Get the most out of darkness and gloom

    What is better after a good workout or brisk outdoor activity than a cozy home where you can chill? Create a comfortable atmosphere at home — light up candles and seasonal lights. Now you can enjoy moments of reading a good book wrapped in a blanket without a bad conscience to being inside. 

    I hope you enjoyed my motivational tips for fall. Seasons are, after all, a great thing. All we have to do is learn how to make the best out of each time of the year. Have a wonderful Autumn!

    We can do this! X Teija


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