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Are you suffering from regular mood swings which are also effecting your fitness journey? One day, exercising and eating healthy is easy as can be. But then suddenly comes a day when your mood is low and motivation is gone out from the window. Your sudden mood change is sabotaging your fitness journey. How to balance your mood swings? Read further and check my helpful tips!

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Lack of sleep

Are you familiar that some days in the morning, for some reason, your mood is not the best? You already know that your day will not be significant.

Anyone among us is in a bad mood if we are not getting a night of good sleep. Sufficient sleep is vital to our body and especially our hormonal function. Therefore it is time to check how many hours do you sleep per night? Do you get enough deep sleep, and how is the quality of your sleep?

Poor sleep quality also affects our mood. We can say that a bad night's sleep even boosts mood swings. Morning you have brain fog, and you feel slow. During the day you will eat more than you usually would plus you could not imagine doing a workout. The body and mind are just too tired. You are suffering a lack of energy. And again, this is all very frustrating. The circle due to lack of sleep will make your day a mess. And therefore sabotage your fitness journey.

Focusing on regular sleep patterns and quality of sleep will significantly improve your quality of life and mood.

beautiful breakfast set up on the table - mood swings

Regular eating habits prevent mood swings

You will not be surprised to hear that irregular eating also affects your mood. If your blood sugar drops several times and you raise it with fast carbs, the result is a roller coaster. You may feel irritation and anger as your blood sugar levels fall. Irregular and poor eating may also affect the quality of sleep mentioned above.

Start to eat regularly and optimize your nutrition. Regular meals and snacks during the day and drink enough water.

Excessive alcohol consumption affects your body in many ways. Therefore, it is smart to consume alcohol moderately.

Are you suffering from PMS Symptoms?

If you belong to part of the female population suffering from PMS symptoms, life can sometimes feel challenging. Before the periods, you might feel nervous. And your mood is just depressed for no reason.

The good news is that regular and nutritious dense food also helps with PMS symptoms. And accordingly, an irregular life can make symptoms worse.

Make sure you eat and exercise regularly. Some even find help with natural herbal products. If mood swings due to PMS are disturbing your life too badly, a visit and check-up with your gynecologist are recommended.

Of course, it is normal that some days are more challenging than others. Unpleasant days and moments are part of life. But if you learn better to prepare for the mood swings and know the reasons behind it, it might be a gamechanger in a bigger picture.

Turning the mood swings to a positive and optimizing your habits brings you definitely further!

We can do this! X Teija


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