Our blog series "Couch Potato to Fit 365’ will focus on helping you live a healthier life in just 365 days! Our topic this week is meal prep. How to do it and how can it help you to eat more clean and healthy? Let's find out!

Prepping for a clean diet

Are you familiar with the fact that unhealthy choices are often made in a hurry? Moreover, it is not always even possible to choose - eating out or going shopping quickly to the nearest market in lunch hour - selection may not still meet expectations. Therefore there is a change ending up eating unhealthy and not according to the diet plan. That's is the reason why meal prepping, and planning might be an often great solution to eating more healthily.

Three glass jars full of delicious healthy food for Meal prep

How to meal prep?

Plan your week and your meals. Make a grocery shopping list. Prepare some meals in advance and pack the lunches and snacks the next day ready.

If you want to make your daily life more comfortable, we have an excellent solution for you. Our customized diet plans come with a shopping list and prep guide, which are often a real lifesaver. All you need to do is follow the instructions. - Now it is easy to eat healthily and stick to the diet plan.

Also, check that your home has enough dishes where to store your food. I prefer glass jars and jars which are BPA free.

Chickpeas and sweet-potatoes prepped in a food container for Meal prep

If meal prep is a new concept for you - start with small steps. Observe your week and first of all your meals or times between the meals. What would you like to improve first- are you eating often enough? Could the problem be solved by taking a healthy snack with you?

Improving daily habits

Meal prepping does not necessarily mean that you should sweat one day in a kitchen and your fridge is full of containers. Meal prepping can also be done on a smaller scale - the purpose is to make your everyday life more comfortable. Too, you to eat healthier. Often, the food that we eat out has a lot of hidden fat and sugar. Therefore when you cook at home, you know the quality and content of the food accurately.

Couch potato to fit - week eight, I challenge you to meal prep one day ahead. How is your nutrition plan for tomorrow? Is there anything you would like to improve? Alternatively, do you have everything under control?

We can do this! X Teija