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Often when we are motivated to start a lifestyle change, we tend to get greedy. We want fast results. And therefore we want to make significant changes at once.

But, too fast - too many changes in a short time do not often lead to lifestyle changes that stick.

How to succeed with lasting lifestyle change? Check my three helpful tips for reaching your health goals!

Woman stretching in a forrest and aiming to reach her health goals

1. Small Steps

I get it - you are motivated to start your new clean life! And that is great. But to make that clean life-lasting longer than until next weekend, it's better to take small steps. And what do I mean with the small steps? Well, for example, if you are a pizza lover, it would be foolish to say - I do not ever eat pizza again! We know that it is not working out like that. Maybe it works for the next few weeks. But instead denying things you love - choose next time better option.

In practice, if you want to eat pizza, check next time that you choose a bit healthier version of your regular pizza. Instead of a wheat pizza base, order a spelled based pizza, for example. Or if you are aiming at five workouts a week, how about if you first increase your daily activity? Can you bike or walk when commuting? Or double your daily steps? First, by making small, almost invisible changes, you will not even notice that they are slowly becoming a permanent part of your healthy lifestyle!

Healthy pizza supporting health goals

2. Health goals through allowing

Like I mentioned earlier, it's better not to deny from yourself anything for good. It is better that you allow yourself your favorite treat, but next time you reduce the serving size or upgrade it to a healthier version. By denying, for example, a particular treat, we often only want it more.

So don't be too extreme in your decisions. If you ever slip out of your healthy way, it might just make you feel miserable and guilty. And we all are aware that guilt seldom leads to anything positive. It is better to find a golden middle way than to be too extreme.

3. Enjoy the journey

Often, making changes towards health & fitness goals sound like work. And maybe also giving up on something. So, a new lifestyle may not always seem like an exciting peace of cake. But think about how much well-being it produces, when choosing better and healthier options for yourself. Instead of feeling miserable in your body and regretting the choices you make most of your time, you feel happy and balanced.

Note that you have the same freedom as before, you only make better choices — not giving up on anything. Remember to enjoy doing things while being proud of the better version of yourself.

We can do this! X Teija


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