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Motivation and inspiration are essential for us to achieve our goal. Motivation helps us overcome obstacles and successfully achieve our goals.

How can we get motivated in a positive way? The way that inspires us to progress? Learn how to compete in a friendly way!

Happy woman with smiley balloon spreading the inspiration

Virus called positivity

Are you a person who quickly distributes motivation and encouragement around you? As said, encouraging and praising each other is essential. Even a small positive phrase is substantial when the mood is blue, or we are having a bad day.

We need motivation and support in all aspects of life. Positive energy is like a virus - it spreads unnoticed and makes the day even better. Encouraging others and creating a positive atmosphere also increases our own inspiration.

group of friends laughing and getting inspiration from each other

Competition and inspiration in a friendly way

When talking about competition, I don't mean just sports performance. We might often think of competition as a harmful and distressing thing. There is pressure to "win" and be better, which could lead us to start suffering quickly from the feeling of inferiority and insecurity.

It is vital to point out that it's your personal goal, not anyone else's. The first one that crosses the finish line does not necessarily mean the winner. Also, often, if we are competitive, we become more selfish. We make a quick conclusion that motivating others will undermine our own success. However, our goal should be to overcome ourselves, not to defeat others. Only you and your goals matter. Therefore share a positive atmosphere and encouragement around you. It is an infectious virus and only leads to positive outcome.

What if we encourage each other to a friendly competition? The race where you see others as a source of inspiration and motivation. And when we transform our thoughts into a positive model, it forces us to progress — and therefore achieving our goals.

We can do this! X Teija


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