Budget-friendly grocery shopping does not mean mediocre quality food. For me, it is essential to buy good quality food, and I am ready to save in many other things, but the quality of food I do not want to compromise if it is not a must. Therefore I want to share my helpful tips on how meal planning and grocery shopping list can help also you to stay in a budget without compromise on the quality of the food!

Beautiful Kitchen - Budget-Friendly Grocery Shopping

Less waste

I don't particularly appreciate throwing food in the trash. It feels so useless and downright waste. I have a bad conscience because, firstly, there are so many poor people in the world who cannot afford to buy food.

Secondly, it is also ridiculous to waste money on food that mold in the corner of the refrigerator. I don't want to spend money buying on food I don't eat or use.

Budget-friendly grocery shopping

Sometimes, when I was doing the grocery shopping, I felt like buying food for a family of six. That's why I started to plan our meals more carefully. There are two adults in our household (plus not forgetting our dog Nella :).

I started planning our weekly meal plan using our grocery shopping lists. And in just a few weeks, I noticed that our grocery shopping consumed less money, plus food waste was another story. There were not that many leftovers, and if there were leftovers, I could use them in a few day's windows and then start a new fresh meal plan again.

Table set up - Budget-Friendly Grocery Shopping

Improvement in life quality

Not only have we saved money, but our quality of life has also improved. We eat healthier, spend more time together in the evening - dinner together has become our thing to look forward to after a long day. Delicious food and planned grocery shopping improve our health and mood, plus it is a budget-friendly solution.

Before, the highlights of the week were dining-out, but now home-cooked delicious meals often seem the better option. Which also feels comfortable in the wallet. Home dinners have become our highlights, and we have begun to invest in them in a whole new way.

I think budget-friendly grocery shopping can't harm anyone and planning your weekly menu advance also helps you to stick with a healthy diet.

We can do this x Teija

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