Many of us are "losing it," and I just don't mean the extra pounds of the waist. The coronavirus has brought new challenges to every aspect of our lives. Our working lives are challenging, and many of us are struggling with new everyday patterns. Lockdown can decrease daily activity and steps, and motivation to exercise can go down after a promising start. Therefore check my three tips on how to get back on the game - we are talking about it losing it, weight loss plan for a better and healthier body is still on! Get motivated and improve your daily habits!

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Energy Balance

I think we all are aware of this; if we eat more calories than we burn, we gain weight. And it is simple as that. Also, if physical activity decreases, and we still eat the same, it leads to weight gain. So what would be the simple solution? Increase your daily physical activity and eat smaller portions. Great combination! The changes don't need to be radical: get more steps, sit less, stop unhealthy food & snacks, and drink more water!

Losing it, weight loss goals

Let's talk about your goals. Is your weight loss goal realistic? And if you lose X amount of weight, will it change your life quality and does it improve your health? Will it increase your happiness? And most importantly, are you ready to change your lifestyle for good?

I only ask these questions because sometimes people don't even realize they don't actually need to lose weight. Instead, they should just concentrate on improving their lifestyle and increase physical activity - feeling unwell, and being overweight are two different things.

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Another thing that I often hear people complain - "I don't get it why I only gain weight all the time even though I don't eat anything, this is so unfair. It must be something to do with my hormones ( or genes). " However, in most cases, when it comes to looking at the truth, the realization is that there is plenty of room for improvement in lifestyle, and weight gain is not just a matter of hormonal imbalance or gene inheritance.

Many times people want to lose weight but are not motivated or ready to make lifestyle changes that losing weight requires. So ask yourself if you are really prepared for changing your habits better for good.


Weight loss requires patience with significant P. Results do not appear immediately. That is why I encourage you to take pictures of yourself. Take a picture front and back - an image that helps you to see the transformation later on as your weight loss process progresses.

Think realistic goals that motivate you to keep going, especially when setbacks -kicks in or you feel lack of motivation.

I know people who visit the scale every morning, and the number of scales determines the mood of the day. Pretty absurd. After all, it is the weight of our bodies, the mass that defines our internal organs, bones, and fat. And yes, of course, overweight is unhealthy and harmful to us. However, weight should not determine who we are! Nor does the reading of scale bring happiness and success, but of course, health, and perhaps even more years. But it is worthwhile to find out your reasons and goals and remember you are doing this for your health and yourself. Remember losing it - weight loss motivation always starts with you.

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