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Heat is on! How to perform and get motivated during the heatwave? Check our three tips on how to stay active during the warm season.

Teija Storbacka wearing a workout clothes and holding a water bottle in a heatwave

1. Morning workout routine

If you are not an early bird, now it's time to change it! Morning workouts are a great idea during the hot period. And the air is cooler and fresh. Moreover, you will feel more refreshed to perform your exercise routines. Also, hotness can make us more tired than usual. Exercising in the morning, you make sure you are not skipping your workout later on. If you feel exercising later in the afternoon or evening, choose a route or place where you can mainly stay in the shades. If you prefer an indoor workout, areas with air condition are favorable.

2. Pure water during the heatwave

Yes, you have heard it. Drink enough pure water! Why? In the heat, we sweat more, and the body's dehydration may be due to a lack of drinking enough water. Dehydration can cause fatigue and feeling of paralyzed. Without proper hydration, i.e., drinking water, the body cannot support its vital functions properly. Hydration also affects many of our health problems such as constipation, allergies, and migraines that may originate in body fluid-imbalance.

Teija Storbacka doing a push up on the white stairsduring a heatwave

3. Sensible stay in the sun

The sun is vital to us and by far the most important source of vitamin D. Therefore, in a sensible stay in the sun; it is beneficial for us. However, the excessive amount of sunshine gets us tired and makes you feel flabby. Prefer a stay in the shade during the midday roast of the sun. Therefore you will ensure that you do not feel oppressive later on when you should perform your exercise routines.

We can do this! x Teija

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