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Our blog series ‘Couch Potato to Fit 365’ focuses on helping you live a healthier life in just one year! We will post a new blog post every week, giving straightforward tips on how to upgrade your lifestyle from couch potato to fit in one short year. Nothing hardcore and nothing too freaky. Our suggestions are simple; everyone can do them! Week 3 brings us a new fitness challenge.

If you think of the words self-challenge. What are the thoughts it raises in you? My reaction is immediate hesitation. Does this mean now that I should climb to the top of a mountain or participate in a CrossFit workout?

Don't worry, fitness challenges don't always have to be a marathon race announcement or something bigger than life. See how you can challenge yourself in everyday life to increase your motivation. And therefore bring more feeling of success and joy to your daily life!

Hiking in a Mountai is a great fitness challenge idea for couch potato to fit - week three
Beautiful mountain view in Villach Austria

Routines vs. Challenge

We need routines. They say that the secret of your future is in daily routines. I could not agree more. My own hidden secret is that I like routines because sometimes new things scare me. Judging by my way of living, nobody would believe it. But even I know, once in a while, that it is necessary to overcome myself, mix things up. We need a challenge in the midst of routines.

The exciting fitness challenge is to not only take your workouts to the next new level, but it also impacts positively your mood. Feeling victorious and overcoming yourself are empowering emotions and have a positive impact on the progress.

What kind of fitness challenge?

Think about a small challenge every week. Being challenged continuously and setting too unattainable goals might only get your motivation down.

If you made five push-ups last week, this week's goal could be ten push-ups. Or how about trying a new sports hobby. New experiences bring a new passion and motivation for your fitness journey. And versatility is always great. Nothing can stop your just started fitness journey and progress as fast as boredom.

This week I challenge you to try something new, it can be either new exercise at home or in the gym. Or it can also be a new sports activity.

We can do this!
X Teija

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