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Eating stressed or frustrated is part of the emotional eating disorders. Do you belong to people who quickly ease frustration by having a treat?

When we are angry and stressed, a little piece of chocolate seems comforting. Even though in the end, you don't even realize you have eaten anything. Your thoughts and concentration are elsewhere. It is time to bring awareness of emotional eating behavior!

chocolate bars in the bowl does not help emotional eating disorders


When you feel stressed or have unexpected setbacks in life, how do you react and deal? Does it feel for a moment that your world is stopping and all you can think is the current problem you need to deal with? You feel helpless and frustrated?

We people react differently in different situations. Some of us may handle problematic situations in a relaxed manner, while for others, the whole world seems to stop. And in a frustrated state of mind, it is easy to open the fridge. When we have an emotional storm, it is easy to lose control and binge eat. And binge eating is one of the worst emotional eating disorders and behaviors.

sad woman lying in the bed -emotional eating disorders

What to do? How to improve the situations, which are sabotaging your healthy diet? Well, what if the next time you are trying to stop for a moment. And breathe deeply and ask yourself the question: Am I hungry? Why do I want to eat? Will it make me feel better? Will it fix my problem?

Accept and be mindful of all emotional scales. When you bring awareness to your emotions, it might bring you back to the control. Therefore take a short break. Just being aware of the moment and your emotions, your feelings are not anymore misleading you.

Action Plan for emotional eating disorders

Think of a concrete plan for your problem. Can you fix the problem right now? Can you currently do something? If you have done your best, you can't do anything else for now. Eating sad or angry does not ease the condition or your problem. It will only make your situation worse and eventually lead you to suffer from emotional eating problems.

What are the coping strategies that have helped you in the past? (except eating) Sports? Sharing? Watching favorite TV Series? Think about past coping methods and what things have really improved your mood and well-being.

The next time when you are in a situation where you want to eat out of control, you positively may notice you are in control of the case. Having awareness and control will make you feel better and increases your well being. Also bringing awareness to your habits and behavior reduces emotional eating disorders in the long term.

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