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Calories. That one word raises many emotions. Today we are talking about calories and the benefits of tracking down your macros!

What is the benefit of calorie counting?

If you have not paid attention to your diet before and your goal is an example to lose weight - you can benefit from downloading some of the calorie counting apps. The app gives you an overall picture - how much food you would have to eat a day if you want to lose example one pound weight per week. It also gives you a view of macros - how much of your daily energy is carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Useful information if you want to drop your weight sensibly.

woman weighing herself after period of calorie tracking

Why should you count calories?

Why should you calculate calories and macros? If we eat more than we consume, we gain weight. Sounds pretty simple right?! If you have no idea how much you should eat every day to achieve your goal, it is useful to check and optimize your diet. It might be frustrating if you think you eat less than you consume - but still no results. With the application, you can see the exact amounts. Plus I always recommend using the kitchen scale.


But should we enjoy life and learn to eat without guilt and bad conscience? Yes, absolutely yes. Checking your calorie intake does not mean that there is no more joy in your dinner table. The purpose should be you get an overall picture of your nutrition. And that you learn to eat the right amount and portions - you know which food is high in energy. And also it helps you to improve your eating rhythm.

woman checking calories from her smart phone - couch potato to fit - week fourteen


We are all individuals - some of my clients loves my fitness pal and get motivation and help from it. For some of the clients, it is too annoying and time-consuming to count calories. Maybe even stressing and taking the joy away. I also understand and can relate to that. Therefore I love our meals plans which are customized to support your goals and needs! When optimizing our diet plan; I can even decide if I leave the nutrition values on/out depending on your needs.

We all have a different kind of background and different type of needs - most important you find the right way, for you to do it. Healthy habits, and nutrition which is fitting and supporting your lifestyle.

We can do this! X Teija



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