Calisthenics workout, a more familiar name bodyweight training, comes from ancient Greek times. So the purpose is to use your bodyweight alone. Typically, varied movements are targeting large muscle groups. However, I wanted to put together ideas for a simplified home workout. Often calisthenics workout at home include chin-ups and dips that require a bar - enthusiasm can stop at home right away, as many don't have needed equipment at home! See my tips on how to get a good bodyweight workout in your home corner, no equipment needed!

Teija doing calisthenics workout at home in Spain

Challenge major muscle groups

I recommend favoring movements that are targeting and challenging large muscle groups to work at the same time. What are the major muscle groups then? Chest, back, the arm and shoulders, abdominal and legs, and buttocks muscles. Exercising major muscle groups consume a lot of energy, and training them promotes toning, and it is also great for weight management, as well as overall health.

Make a workout plan - Calisthenics Workout at Home

Having a workout plan is vital. Without having a real strategy is hard to motivate yourself even to start to exercise, not to mention an effective workout. Let’s start thinking about a basic workout where exercises are targeting major muscle groups.

Let's start from the lower body. Pick exercises like squats and lunges, which are challenging quads and glutes to work hard. If you are an advanced exerciser, you can add jumps - deep lunge and squats jumps are lower body killers. Also, Burpees, for example, not only challenge the lower body but are an effective movement for the whole body.

For Upperbody, there are no better exercises than push up variations. You can pick up different varieties to your fitness level. When you vary the push-ups: wide, narrow, incline, decline - only the sky is the limit here.
Perfect movements for the core include, for example, different versions of the superman, planks, v-ups. Putting the big muscles to work will get you utterly effective calisthenics workout at home.

Teija is doing workout video in costa del sol and giving perfect tips for calisthenics workout at home

Circuit Training For Beginner - Pick up the plan

A beginner gets a great start with circuit training. Pick up eight exercises:

1. like the doable version from burpees
2. lunges
3. squats
4. push-ups
5. dip
6. plank
7. back extensions
8. sit-ups

Repeat each exercise 30 seconds with a 30 seconds break between. If needed, between the rounds, have a few minutes break. Three rounds together. When you notice your condition is getting better, increase the exercising time for 45 seconds. And after that, do the movements more advanced.

Don't forget that calisthenics workout at home should be motivational and fun! Play your favorite music and create an inspirational atmosphere. Also, remember to warm-up and cool down!

If you are an advanced fitness lover, maybe you want to try our 50-minute bodyweight exercise challenge workout video. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the coast of Spain and make your body work hard! Enjoy your home workouts!

We can do this! X Teija

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