We all are aware that self-care is essential. But self-care does not necessarily mean expensive treats. Social media can create pressure that self-care means luxury weekend trips, hotel bed breakfasts, fancy girls' spa days, and so on.

However, self-care does not depend on money. On the contrary, self-care means that you take time and do things that make you feel good. Selfcare does not rely on a budget. Check and get inspired by my three budget-friendly self-care tips!

Beautiful landscape in Burgenland Austria encourage you for a budget-friendly self-care

1. Take a hike

A long walk in nature, sounds boring? I can tell you that walking in nature is anything but boring. If your familiar scenery makes you bored, take a hike to another place. Plan a new route with a friend and bring snacks/lunch with you.

New landscape and walking will not only relax your body but also calms your mind down. Stress is releasing. Looking around will make you forget everything else. The peace of nature soothes your body and mind.

If you don't have a company, and you feel bored or lonely, listen to a calming audiobook while walking. However, be sure to press the pause once in a while. Listen to the sounds of nature, and have a break and breathe.

Walking, combined with nature, is the best remedy for those in stress.

Self-made cake is budget -friendly self-care

2. Home spa, budget-friendly self-care at its best

I love to do home treatments weekly. Therefore I encourage you to create a home spa. Make a pleasant atmosphere with candles. Take a warm shower and peel your skin. Lotion and massage your skin with a pleasant scent. Put on a face mask and listen to relaxing music or watch your favorite tv show.

The home spa is not only relaxing your body and mind but is also budget-friendly. Give yourself a luxury treatment at home!

Teija reading a book at home - budget-friendly selfcare

3. Take a real book in your hand

I love books and I'm also a fan of audiobooks. However, lately, I have sometimes noticed adverse side effects when using them. Because most of my books are on the phone, I have noticed I fumble on my phone and often surf at the same time online. Checking the emails and getting notifications, ending up feeling restless.

If I want to have a peaceful moment for myself, for example, before bedtime, taking a "traditional book" in my hand feels like a short getaway, a calming getaway. The real book with the right covers and pages makes me concentrate and relax without any hassle or artificial light.

Of course, I can also download a book and go offline. Don't get me wrong; I'm a fan and heavy consumer of book apps. But the fact is that the actual book in my hand makes me relax in a whole new way: the world is stopping, and there is only me and my book. I can focus properly on what I read. My mind and body relax.

What are your best ways to relax and take care of yourself?

We can do this! X Teija